CKCA is dedicated to the ongoing continuous improvement in the Kitchen Cabinet sector!
One of the key things we want to promote is a “Made in Canada“ product.


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Proudly made in Canada

Local service versus imports

Canadian economy

Environmental benefits

Dependable Family-Run

CKCA has developed a tool to help kitchen manufacturers promote their Canadian products to customers, at trade shows etc..  Get all the details here.  If you want information on getting the template or want the badge for your customers to use, please contact

Here are some of the top reasons to buy Canadian:

  • Canada is innovative and our manufacturers follow latest trends to bring you the most current European designs without having to pay higher prices to bring product from Europe.
  • Canada uses the same construction methods as Europe.
  • Canada is well respected world-wide for its wood crafting, we are excellent cabinetmakers!
  • Dependable because many of our companies are family-run and are on their second and third generation.
  • CKCA members may carry the only Canadian kitchen cabinet manufacturing certification in Canada, this credential gives the consumer a level of quality assurance you cannot get anywhere else (please click here for a list of certified CKCA member manufacturers).
  • Support the local Canadian Economy – employ local people and support local businesses.
  • Avoid the hidden extra costs of duties and import fees.
  • Quality lead times – no need to wait for shipments from overseas, helps local sales service
  • Local after sales service, ease of warranty issue dilemmas.
  • Our products meet Canada’s Health and Safety standards due to the high regulation of our industry as a result our products keep us all safe.
  • Direct impact on our economy in positive ways, every dollar that is spent in Canada buying Canadian products has a ripple effect. We contribute to the large tax revenue base that helps fund our government programs.
  • You help to create and support manufacturing jobs in Canada which in turn provides more workers who will pay taxes, spend money buying other goods and services that maintains a healthy Canadian economy, nationally, provincially and locally.
  • You help reduce the carbon footprint when you buy a Canadian Cabinet. Far less transportation costs.
  • Melamine used in cabinet construction meets or exceeds the HUD Standards for emissions.
  • Water based finishes help to reduce our VOC’s and helps protect our environment.
  • Our workers are paid and treated fairly, work in a safe and sanitary environments.
  • Canadian kitchen companies meet and/or exceed high employment standards.
  • Buying Canadian is patriotic and makes you feel good that your consumer dollars are going to fellow Canadians and keeping our economy strong.

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