With more than 30 dedicated industry volunteers who serve on our committees we are working on:

  • Improving the skilled labour shortage, by developing better recruitment strategies and seeking support from Government to ensure a steady flow of people into our industry
  • Strengthening our competitiveness by raising awareness on the benefits of buying Canadian-made kitchen cabinets and creating better and more fair channels of competition related to foreign imports
  • Creating opportunities for continual improvement of our industry and its people through training and education
  • Seeking funding and support for adoption of advanced technologies to improve production efficiencies and standards and give our industry the best opportunities to thrive
  • Connecting industry as one voice that speaks to Government to keep our industry strong and to raise the awareness that our industry is part of the wood products manufacturing sector that employs over 100,000 employees (the forestry/logging sector is much smaller with over 30,000 employees)

CKCA Report for 2023/2024 year

We’ve put a brief summary of progress made and initiatives undertaken related to our key areas of focus. In addition to these priorities, we continue to also offer a wide range of services to members. What we’re working on 2023

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