In partnership with CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Business) and CME (Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Association), we are lobbying Government to provide much needed support to help our industry. Labour shortages, competitiveess and the cost of doing business are all key areas we are focused on.  Let’s get your MP’s, MPP’s and city counsellors into your shops to show them first-hand what’s going on! Check out our Advocacy Page to see what we’re saying and to who.

The labour issue is the biggest challenge to our industry. We’re working on it!

The issues are complex and systemic and they impactng every industry sector in Canada.  Like many industries we can no longer expect applicants coming through the door, we have to go find them and educate the public on what our industry is all about. This means more profiling and more information readily available about working in our sector. It also means developing retention strategies to keep the good workers you have. So that’s why we’re focused on HR & Recruitment!

In 2023 we’re adding a  new Member Program with HR Covered, a nationwide HR consulting company with expertise to help you manage your HR and to recruit more effectively. We’re also developing tools to promote careers in the kitchen cabinet industry that you can use when you enter schools. Here’s a handy document you can use for now, but watch for the CKCA career booklet and videos coming your way in 2023. All will be posted in the CKCA career page.

Centralized job posting website

In collaboration with other organizations including AWMAC, WMC, WMCO and Woodworking Magazine, we now have a centralized job posting service where companies can easily post jobs and, more importantly, where prospective employees can FIND jobs! It’s a FREE service so be sure to post your jobs there. A great example of the good work that comes from a collaboration!