In partnership with CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Business) and CME (Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Association), we are lobbying Government to provide much needed support to get the workers and to develop better training programs. We’ll have more programs on this soon. Let’s get your MP’s, MPP’s and city counsellors into your shops to show them first-hand what’s going on!

Toolkit for schools

We’re collaborating with our industry partners to develop a handy toolkit you can use if you’re going into the schools to present – we’ve got your back!

Careers section

We refreshed our website ad added a career section, we will be adding more videos from the field to demonstrate how interesting and modern our industry can be. You can view the careers section here.

Centralized job posting website

In collaboration with other organizations including AWMAC, WMC, WMCO and Woodworking Magazine, we now have a centralized job posting service where companies can easily post jobs and, more importantly, we prospective employees can FIND jobs! It’s a FREE service so be sure to post your jobs there. A great example of the good work that comes from a collaboration!