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Curious what our videos are like? Check out three videos accessible below:  Future of the Cabinet Industry (recorded Jan 2023), Don’t Let the Sun Catch you Crying (recorded May 2022) and  Productivity Outputs (recorded March 2021).

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Manufacturers Roundtable – Monthly

While these sessions are NOT recorded and for manufacturers only, this is a reminder to sign up to participate in these helpful, informal conversations that take place on the last Thursday of every month at 1pm (ET). To participate, just email us and we’ll send you the calendar invite and Zoom link for the calls. These sessions are very valuable, don’t miss out!

Future of the Kitchen Cabinet Industry  (Recorded Jan 25, 2023) 

Why are so many manufacturers tuning in to this session? Because the future is now! Meta-Verse, MES, Analytics, Data Visualizing and Manufacturing Field Devices – these are terms we are all getting to know. But what do they mean to our industry? How is automation and robotics addressing current and future challenges including supply chain, demographic shifts, global competitivess and labour shortage. A window into what is to come. View video here»


Don’t Let the Sun Catch you Crying (Recorded May 5, 2022) 

Are you choking over the increased costs of your energy bills?
Want to make an investment in your business that is sustainable, puts money back in your pocket, gives you back more control on overhead expenses? These were the reasons Heidi and Dominic Boudreault, Owners of Denca Cabinets in Calgary, installed solar panels on the rooftop of their 45,000 sq ft. kitchen cabinet shop in Calgary, Alberta. The rules have changed when it comes to solar and while you may have looked at this in past and decided it was too expensive for little gain, look again! 
In this webinar, Heidi and Dominic talk about their decision, their journey and the benefits they are already seeing from solar installed energy panels.  Ed Knaggs, Vice President Charge Solar is a company specializing in solar power generation for the past 30 years and members of the Canadian Renewal Energy Association. Ed  “sheds some new light” on this topic and talks about global market and drivers, system size estimates and energy savings and system costs and ROI. View video here »

Business Improvement through Expansion – Lessons learned (Recorded Oct 27 2021)

Whether you are thinking of expanding your business or just want to learn more about improving your business, this webinar explores the journey of Sunrise Kitchens in Surrey, BC who understood to expand their facility from 45,000 sq. ft in 2017 to 80,000 sq. ft in 2020. Little did they know they would be doing the lion share of this expansion during a pandemic! The unprecedented circumstances created incredible challenges, but this kitchen cabinet manufacturer hunkered down and kept going. They share their lessons learned, what went well, what didn’t. Their management team are pleased to be the presenters for this session.  

Now What? An outlook for small business and manufacturing in Canada (Recorded June 2021)

Keynote presenters Dan Kelly, President of Canadian Federation of Independent Business and Dennis Darby, President of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters gave us a great overview of what’s happening across Canada in business and manufacturing. Want a big picture perspective? Watch this webinar and check out the informative slides deck with data you’ll want to consider at you plan the future of your business. 

Aging in Place – Are you ready for the next wave? (Recorded May 2021)

Future business growth opportunity? What happens as we age and how are our requirements changing? What functionality and ergonomic considerations should be factored in to kitchen spaces? What is CAPS or CLIPP certification? Learn about the research available to help us better understand Aging in Place clientele and hear from Lucy Traetto, Marketing Representative at Blum who is CAPS and CLIPP certified.  

Virtual Showroom – Getting customers ready to shop (Recorded April 2021)

With sales up 50%, Decor Cabinets is keeping busy. Presenter David Baker, Sales & Marketing Director, Decor Cabinets shares what his company has learned from their experience building a virtual platform for customers to shop. Find out why you don’t need an expensive video camera! 

⇒Productivity Outputs – What every kitchen  manufacturers should know (Recorded March 2021)

Presented by Luke Elias, President of one of Canada’s most innovative cabinet shops. Learn why Luke says “There’s so much money to be made in this cabinet industry”. Watch video here» Get slides here»

Work ON your business, Not IN it! (Recorded Nov. 2020)

Hear how CKCA Member Gerald Van Woudenberg of Van Arbour Design made it to calmer waters and why Conny Millard, PoWERPODS says “stress and anxiety aren’t necessary when you have the right tools”. 

Not a Tech Issue – A Business Issue! (Recorded Oct. 2020)

Presenters Robert Gordon, CCTX, Peter Mate, Planit Canada and Connie Rowley, Core Insurance Solutions give us a rundown of what’s happening with cyber threats and how you need to stay current on ways to protect your business. 

Systems Saved Me (Recorded Sept. 2020) 

Nikki Gipman, General Manager of Gipman Kitchen and Bath offers insights on the tools used to increase project conversion rates from 30% to 70% and much more! 

Business Resilience (Recorded July 2020)

Heidi Boudreault, General Manager and Co-owner, Denca Cabinets and Selene Yuen, Selenium Interiors present their individual approaches to managing their business through Covid. Whether you’re dealing with Covid or any other crisis, this webinar offers great information and ideas from two Alberta companies who are used to the boom and bust market and the pressures you face in difficult times.