Transparency – Integrity – Quality

“We always built a better than trade standard and wanted to separate ourselves from the pack.”  – Glen MacDonald, President, Cabinetworks Ltd.

“To differentiate us from others (especially those who import kitchens and/or make poor quality products), to have a selling feature (marketing tool), to increase credibility and to establish a standard for our products.” – Mike Creador, Vice-President of Kitchen & Bath Division, Cutler Group


The CKCA Certification Testing Program is based on the CKCA Construction and Material Standards for Kitchen Cabinet and Vanities, (2009, revised 2017). The standard was developed by a technical committee composed of various stakeholders within the Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Industry including manufacturers, suppliers, housing authorities, environmental agencies, consultants and other industry experts. The standard will be reviewed every five years, and if necessary updated to ensure market trends are considered, and the standard complies with up to date manufacturing techniques. The ongoing testing of cabinets ensures the continued integrity of the program. All testing is performed by an independent third party testing agency.

Ways you can enhance promotions using the certification

Once you’ve earned the certification it’s up to you to use this tool to set your company apart from the competition. To help, we’ve prepared a list of way you can showcase this certification to your customers and future customers.

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Who Is Eligible?

Any active manufacturing member of the CKCA who manufacturers prefinished, factory engineered cabinets can send their materials to be tested. For membership information click here.  Once membership is established (membership must be renewed annually to maintain certification), you can apply to enroll in the certification program.

Why Your Cabinets Should be certified

Today’s consumers are looking for an assurance of quality, durability and performance in the products that they purchase. The certification program offered by the Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association provides consumers with that assurance, and demonstrates your commitment to quality in the manufacturing process at the highest possible level by your company.

The CKCA Construction and Material Testing Standard is the only established standard for Kitchen Manufacturers in Canada. When a customer chooses one cabinet manufacturer over another in today’s competitive marketplace, it’s often the result of a only a slight difference. Earning the CKCA “Quality Assured” seal of compliance can be that difference; distinguishing you from other manufacturers and lesser quality imports. You’ll also be associated with a credible program at the same time.

How do you Benefit from the CKCA Testing and Certification Program

  • Prestige –  affiliation with a nationally recognized program that sets the standard for kitchen cabinets and vanities
  • Visibility – you can use the CKCA seal on your cabinets and in your showroom.
  • Consumer promotion – CKCA website will feature CKCA Certified companies prominently and will feature a consumer section dedicated to improving consumer awareness around this program.
  • Other promotion – All certified manufacturers will have a featured listing on the CKCA website and in the CKCA directory of certified manufacturers. The directory will be distributed to home builder associations, consumer organizations, design associations and government agencies.
  • Marketing collateral – Availability of marketing collateral to assist your business to sell your certified products.
  • Technical advice  – From the CKCA to assist you with compliance, or in the case of failure return your cabinet to compliance.

Use of the CKCA Certification Seal provides reliability in the marketplace!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Who does the testing?
    All testing is performed by Element, an independent third party testing agency. Our materials testing capabilities include materials selection, materials performance and failures analysis; using both destructive and non-destructive testing. Covering metals, composites, polymers and construction materials, Element gives you the answers you need on properties, performance, strength and durability corrosion.
  2. What happens if I don’t pass the tests?
    The goal of the certification process is to aid you in reaching compliance. If the initial tests or a part thereof fail; we will work with you to reach compliance by offering advice and support to ensure you have the information necessary to perform any corrective action required. The final decision with respect to a pass or fail rating is at the discretion of the CKCA.
  3. What are the costs?
    The costs for testing are determined by the testing agency, and the total fees include the administration costs, and certification seals. An annual renewal fee is required to maintain certification. Membership in CKCA must be maintained in order to continue to display the CKCA Quality Assured logo. All fees for the program are enclosed with the submission instructions.
  4. How long does the process take?
    From the start of the application process to the submission of samples the entire process should take 3-4 weeks assuming that there are no issues with samples, or compliance.
  5. What if I have more than one product line?
    If you have more than one product line you must send in additional sets of samples for testing. You must submit a set of samples and complete the required registration forms for each product line being tested. If the construction methods are the exact same for more than one product line additional cabinets may be sent for testing at the same time – however depending on the number of samples sent for testing additional fees will be applied.
  6. Can my cabinets pass the tests?
    In order to obtain CKCA Certification your cabinets must pass successfully all of the testing requirements that simulate years of normal household use. All tests are described in the CKCA Construction and Material Testing Standard for Kitchen Cabinets and Vanities. Tests measure such things as workmanship, durability, chemical resistance, door strength and other important features.