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Work with a Certified Cabinet Manufacturer

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Work with a Certified Cabinet Manufacturer

There are many options in choosing cabinets for your home that will impact the cabinet’s performance and price. Understanding the options will give you an advantage in making your selection. Many suppliers provide extensive selections of door styles, materials, finishes and accessories.

Researching the available manufacturers beforehand can save you time and money so you don’t purchase the wrong cabinets. Start by checking online for manufacturers and retailers in your area and visit their showrooms; you’ll be able to tell the quality cabinets from the bad ones once you know where to look.

Clients who chose cabinets solely on the basis of advice from contractors, designers, or architects are twice as likely to report a problem as those more involved in the selection.

Most cabinetry manufacturing companies and/or Dealers have showroom with skilled designers on staff who can assist in designing your Dream kitchen. These experts will have several ideas on how to best use your space, each with different budgets in mind.

To find out more about certification and find a CKCA Certified Manufacturer, please click here.


Picking a Certified Brand

When you choose to purchase certified CKCA Cabinetry, you can be rest assured that the cabinetry you are purchase has been built and tested under strict guidelines.  In order for cabinetry to be CKCA certified they must be manufactured in Canada. Cabinets are tested for their construction, durability, finish, measure resistance to moisture, heat & household chemicals, drawers, shelf and hinge strength, appearance and workmanship and other important features.

You are making an informed decision by choosing a certified product, you are also investing in a Canadian manufacturer that has dedicated themselves to continuous improvement and is an active  member of the CKCA. These companies most likely attend CKCA events 2-3 times per year to improve their knowledge by networking with other cabinet manufacturers, attending plant tours, and seminars. This knowledge can then be implemented and used to improve their facility and workplace.

Who are the best kitchen cabinet manufacturers?  The best brands to look at are what is available to you locally, from a national brand perspective and local producers. The best manufacturer for you is the one that is reputable and gives you what you are looking for. The quality, options, quantity, and warranty for the price you are willing to pay. When you understand the company’s philosophy, products, and reputation you are making an educated decision which will help to ensure you are happy with your purchasing experience.