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What’s Your Style?

The differences between, Contemporary, traditional & transitional


The contemporary kitchen is clean, straight and sleek. Less is more, meaning fewer accessories, hidden appliances and minimal details. Cabinets are flat-front wooden, steel or lacquered. Countertops are square-edged, often metal or underlighted glass. Light fixtures are works of art.


Traditional cabinetry is inspired from the reminiscent of 18th- and 19th-century furniture. Architectural details such as flutes, moulding, columns, beadboard and custom hoods with corbels. Old World formal traditional cabinetry has painted-white cabinets and rustic additions such as wooden countertops, scraped wooden flooring and farm sinks. Lighting is more functional than artsy, and accessories are formal. Countertops are neutral, while backsplashes may be tumbled stone.


A kitchen that designers call transitional, falls somewhere between traditional and contemporary. A perfect choice when you want to take on a modern or slightly edgier approach to traditional.

Do not purchase your appliances, sinks and faucets until your kitchen design is finalized. Plumbing accessories & appliances have certain specifications and ensuring the cabinetry can be built to fit your appliances & that electrical & gas requirements can be met can save you money.