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What CFIB is working on for you

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What CFIB is working on for you




CKCA members enjoy the partnership we’ve built with CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Business). CFIB represents over 90,000 small business across Canada.

Here’s a summary of what they’re working on for your business this month!

For groups that have retail business members – Important retail survey

If you offer retail services CFIB encourages you to complete the retail survey that will be sent to you this month. This survey will help CFIB determine the value of a dollar spent locally that stays in the local economy (compared to a dollar spent in multinationals), allowing CFIB to promote buying local.

REMINDER TO CKCA MEMBERS: You have the opportunity to check your personal communication preferences in the CFIB Members’ Portal to ensure you receive CFIB survey emails.

CRA Strike and new 2023 CRA Report Card

CFIB released a statement on the CRA strike addressing its potential harmful impact on small businesses, including by causing significant stress for owners who will struggle to get their important questions answered during tax season. CFIB is already fielding many calls from members about tax issues, making it one of the top concerns for members, as outlined below.

In the middle of an acute labour shortage, the broader strike by federal public sector workers could also deeply affect important services such as Employment Insurance, passports, and immigration, which play a major role in hiring and terminations. We have created a webpage for members explaining the strike situation, listing the affected departments, and pointing to resources they can access.

Earlier this month, CFIB released the 7th edition of the CRA Report Card. While the CRA’s overall grade remained unchanged over the last decade, 31% of businesses and 76% of tax practitioners believe the agency’s service has declined in the last three years. We are working hard to ensure our members’ concerns are heard.

Labour Shortage Report 

Small business owners are overworking to compensate for the labour shortage. Our new report, The 8-day Workweek, shows the average small business owner works 54 hours per week, the equivalent of an 8-day workweek for most salaried workers. Those who say they work more hours because of labour shortages clock in even more, about 59 hours per week, 20 of which are spent compensating for staffing challenges.

To support small business owners who are dealing with stress and burnout, we are connecting them to information & tools through our Workplace Wellness hub, sponsored by PrimaSure

Top Concerns for Members

Many members are calling about taxes this month, including filing deadlines, GST/HST sales tax questions, and the complex Underused Housing Tax – look out for our new report on this in May. Members are also calling about employment standards, with federal and provincial minimum wage increases and the Easter holiday being the main drivers in April. They are also requesting templates, posters or policies required for their business to be compliant with the law.

CFIB’s Business Resources team hit a milestone 10,000+ member queries handled so far this year.

Budget & Economic Updates

  • Our Federal Budget webinar updated members on some of the ways the budget will affect small businesses, including the reduction in credit card processing fees CFIB has advocated for. The webinar had 612 live attendees and 956 total views. Watch in EN/FR
  • CFIB’s Chief Economist and VP Research, Simon Gaudreault, provided a detailed economic update and forecasts for small business in our Spring Economic Update webinar. The webinar had 321 live attendees and 198 post-views.
  • Our new Main St Quarterly report forecasts that the Canadian economy is heading toward a slowdown, but inflation is on the right path and there is still no recession in sight for the short term.
  • April’s Business Barometer® shows that small businesses plan to increase wages by 3.3% on average over the next 12 months amid high inflation and tight job market.

Cybersecurity Academy Contest Winners

We wrapped our Cybersecurity Academy contest this month by drawing 12 winners from the members who participated in the contest by completing cybersecurity courses. The contest prizing, including a $10,000 CAD grand prize and $500 regional prizes, is thanks to Mastercard, who helped build the Cybersecurity Academy with expertise from their cybersecurity specialists.

Coming Up in May

  • A new report on the federal Underused Housing Tax addresses concerns about the impact of the tax on small businesses.
  • A new report, Working Together: Developing Environmental Policy with Small Business in Mind, outlines 10 guiding principles and provides recommendations for the federal government.
  • A new Financing Report reveals financing trends among SMEs.
  • New data release from our CEBA survey, as CFIB continues pushing to extend the repayment deadline to December 2025 and increase the forgivable portion to at least 50%.