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What values have you imprinted on your company?

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What values have you imprinted on your company?

What values have you imprinted on your company?

By Amrita Bhogal, Human Resources, Sunrise Kitchens


Values are unique to everyone. Your values come from many various areas of your life, with the majority of them being instilled in us as young children. The values you inherit are what influence your choices and business practices. But are your values aligned with your company’s? As business owners, it is important to revisit this topic often and ensure the decisions made within the company are aligned. Values dictate the standard of behaviours, and these behaviours can help influence change to continually grow or decline.


Many businesses state their values with only the external customer in mind.  This is a great start, however, we should not stop there. In my opinion as an HR representative, the most important values that should be established are for the internal customers (i.e. your employees). This will improve the direction you want to lead your team in, and if everyone is clear on these values, it will positively impact the most difficult change in any business – a change in culture.


Action plan:

  • Analyze and align values established for external and internal customers
  • Bridge gaps between all levels of the organization
  • Bring values into recruiting process – hire candidates that practice similar values


Catch me at the CKCA National Forum in Calgary to hear more on how we can get in front of labour shortages by focusing on values, culture and kaizen.