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Trends and Stats


We’ll post stats and trends from various sources and from our own research to give you industry insight and benchmarks.




What the experts told CKCA at a recent L.A.B. seminar. (Nov 2019). Click here.

Did you know?

The Canadian kitchen cabinet manufacturing industry represents an estimated $1.5 billion in annual sales and employs more than 25,000 Canadians across Canada representing just less than one third of the advanced wood manufacturing sector. The industry is comprised of an estimated 4,000 SME’s (small to medium sized enterprises) with the largest of companies employing more than 800 employees to the smallest company of just 1 person. The industry has been a thriving part of the Canadian economy for more than 50 years with a “birth” in the early 60’s when an influx of skilled migrant workers from Europe brought their knowledge and methods to Canada. To this day those methods are in use and define a significant difference between Canada and its largest trading partner, the US (US using framed cabinetry, Canada using the European frameless).

Part of the advanced wood manufacturing sector, kitchen cabinetry has experienced evolutionary changes from mechanization to digitization and now the internet of things.

In this space, we will post stats from various sources that provide insight into our industry.

Employment data

Canadian Woodworking Industry Stats – Who Works Where – Source Woodworking Network (Dec 2018) Click here.

Presentation by Jon Callegher, PhD, JobTalks to the CKCA National Forum, April 27, 2019

Recruitment Strategies and Data

Should we do for our industry what Construction is doing for theirs? Or shall we let other sectors go after the talent and we are left behind in the dust? Jon Callegher, PhD, JobTalks provided valuable insight into the perception of the trades and how we need to develop recruiting strategies to get more people into the wood industry sector. The statistics will surprise you.  We need to move the dial on this issue and check out the BDC presentation below that gives a more in depth look at what’s happening in Canada.

See Jon’s presentation slidedeck here.

Business Development Bank of Canada Presentation by Michale Poynton, Manager, Business Centre, BDC Calgary Office to the CKCA National Forum, April 26, 2019

Business Resilience 

Check out this informative presentation (slidedeck here) that shows compelling data about the emloyment and digital situation in Canada. The trends are staggering and SME companies need to take steps now to navigate the challenges that are just around the corner.


CKCA Board Member, Peter Lansitie, of Hettich tells us what trends he saw at IDS 2020. Read full article (Jan 2020)
Valuable information from CKCA member:

Antibacterial decorative panels and decorative hardware.  With Covid-19 a part of everyone’s life these days, it’s no surpise to see antibacterial product now available. How will this impact overal kitchen designs? Time will tell. Read full article (June 2020)

Bring Nature into your designs! Bringing natural elements, such as wood and stone, into interiors remains one of the easiest ways to add texture to a space.  Richelieu takes you through a variety of different finishes, colors, patterns and applications.Read full article (Nov 2019)

How to Plan a Lighting Installation Layout for a Kitchen in a Few Easy Steps! The ideal time to plan kitchen lighting is during a remodel, however it is possible to revamp it at any time thanks to Richelieu’s easy plug-and-play system. This article covers the layout installation for a kitchen, but can be applied to any project. (Nov 2019)

Ever wonder what it’s like to actually find that spatula or whisk right when you need it? Being efficient in the kitchen means finding your cooking tools easily and quickly when you need them most.  Having well-organized drawers is a simple way to achieve a more functional kitchen.  Richelieu has put together a guide to find the perfect drawer organizer to suit every drawer and kitchen tool.  Read full article (Aug 2019)

GOLA integrated cabinet profiles open up a world of possibilities – Seamless contemporary-looking cabinetry with integrated handles is a growing trend in kitchen cabinetry now. Richelieu pushes this trend even further by offering an integrated pull with lighting.  As the trend for European styled kitchens takes off, see how you can design with the minimalistic European aesthetic in mind.  Read full article (Aug 2019)

10 Must-Have In-Cabinet Accessories – Your clients are looking to remodel their kitchen. Given the amount of time they spend in the kitchen, as most people typically do, they will most likely appreciate having a few accessories to make their life easier. After all, everyone wants a better functioning, more efficient kitchen space. Read full article. (Oct 2018)

Untapped market – Your next business opportunity right here.  Eric Pothier, Director of Business Development, Richelieu gave an excellent presentation on an upcoming trend that could open new business opportunities for kitchen manufacturers.  Micro living is happening everywhere, not just in densely populated major cities, but in cities of all sizes across North America.  Read full article (Sept 2018)

Valuable information from CKCA member:
CKCA Vice-President Heidi Boudreault from Denca, based in Calgary, spoke with AkzoNobel’s Bob Averett, Global Colour Design Manager, and Rob Haley, Colour Trends Manager, to ask the questions that get to the heart of how colours are chosen and what influences those choices. Read full article (Jan 2020)