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Speak up for your business – it does make a difference!

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Speak up for your business – it does make a difference!

Muskoka Cabinet Company in Alfred, Ontario is expanding operations and recognized the importance of bringing in local politicians to tour the shop and to better understand what Muskoka does. But more importantly, to ensure these politicians recognize the  economic value Muskoka has on their community.

Mr. Yves Laviolette, Mayor of Alfred-Plantagenet and Mr. Stéphane Sarrazin, MPP Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MPP had a very successful tour at Muskoka, they were impressed with Muskoka and what they are doing in that region.

As Luke said “We needed to let them know about our industry and  see what Muskoka Cabinet Company is all about.  We are currently in the process of expanding our building and we needed to expedite the paperwork since we have commitments and don’t need to be delayed for some signature that might be required.”

In addition, Luke shared the CKCA prepared advocacy documents (all members have received the Reach Out, Speak Up, Be Head documents) to further support the information shared on the tour and to add more information about the challenges that manufacturers like Muskoka are facing, i.e. labour shortage.  Luke further added that “They appreciated the information and they are ready to support us as much as they can.”

Mr. Sarrazin already posted his FB page and mentioned CKCA! Mr. Sarrazin also mentioned that he is willing to help the CKCA dealing with the province, even initiating a sit down at Queens Park if we wanted to be heard!

Well done Muskoka Cabinet Company for hosting and educating local politicians. We know this is the first step in effecting change. We look forward to hearing more on your expansion in the future!

If you want copies of the Reach Out, Speak Up, Be Heard documents – please get in touch with us at