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Planit Canada Inc. Announces Availability of Cabinet Maker by Cabinet Vision

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Planit Canada Inc. Announces Availability of Cabinet Maker by Cabinet Vision

Planit Canada Inc. Announces Availability of Cabinet Maker by Cabinet Vision

An entry-level rental software that helps cabinet shops get started on the road to automation; providing customer presentations, quotes and manufacturing information.

Planit Canada Inc. announced immediate availability of Cabinet Maker by Cabinet Vision, enabling cabinet shops purchasing CNC machines to rent an affordable design and manufacture software by Cabinet Vision directly through machinery vendors.

“With Cabinet Maker, small cabinet shops can get started with a great product, knowing they’ll only have to tackle learning one software.  From that initial investment, it becomes easy to upgrade to more robust modules as their business grows. We know how beneficial that big leap can be, so we’re excited to make that first machine purchase a little smoother for woodworkers.” Peter Mate, President at Planit Canada Inc.

Clients Benefit from Planit Canada Support

Several wood shops have already launched their automation using Cabinet Maker by Cabinet Vision. Newport Millwork & Cabinetry  recently implemented Cabinet Maker by Cabinet Vision in their shop and begun generating shop drawings, material requirements, parts lists and cost and quoting data. Planit Canada Inc provided the support to link the software to the CNC, to ensure an optimal start for the shop.

“All I wanted was someone to help me get started,” said Jon Prince, Project Manager, Newport Millwork & Cabinetry . “The Planit Canada technician installed the post, gave me some tips to get going and we’ve hit the ground running with our nesting machine.”

Cabinet Maker is a complete design to manufacturing solution allowing projects to be sent straight to CNC machinery with the push of a button. Available in either a Nested Base or Work Cell configuration (Panel Saw and Point-to-Point), Cabinet Maker can automatically process part geometries and produce machine ready G-Code, saving time and eliminating costly errors.

Cabinet Maker by Cabinet Vision Availability

Cabinet Maker by Cabinet Vision is currently distributed by Biesse, Felder Group, Homag, SCM and Weinig Holz-her and is immediately available for download at .

Planit Canada is a leading distributor of software products servicing the Canadian woodworking industry. Their solutions help companies who design and manufacture casegoods and countertops for homes, offices, schools and hospitals.

Cabinet Vision is a product of Hexagon Production Software, a world leader in CAD CAM software with a proven track record of reliable product delivery. Hexagon develops and distributes software for aiding the design and manufacturing processes, providing solutions for the tooling, production engineering, sheet metal, metal fabrication, stone and woodworking industries.

For more information on Cabinet Maker by Cabinet Vision: