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Ontario lockdown response

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Ontario lockdown response

In response to Ontario’s recent lockdown we provide the following information:


We have received calls from Ontario members asking for clarity around the most recent Ontario announcement about the lockdown. We are also sending this to all members across Canada for their information.

You can view the rules for what is deemed “essential construction” at the link below (page 23/24) provides details and clarity.
CKCA can not provide any legal advice, but we offer some suggestions that we hope can be of assistance:
  • Review your current work to ensure it is compliant with the Governments regulations in order to continue the project
  • Always use a reliable source for information, such as the Government website
  • Employee and client safety is a priority, please follow all health and safety requirements
  • Government of Ontario will enforce lockdown rules, non-compliance will be penalized with fines and possible jail time.
  • To avoid potential issues, have information available on your public facing channels (i.e. website) to ensure the public understands why you continue to operate
  • Have documentation ready that clearly shows you are in compliance should police or bylaw visit your shop questioning why you remain open
  • If you see other companies not complying, do not follow their lead and assume it is an acceptable practice, this could put your company at risk, get clarification from a reliable source first
Use these member tools at your disposal to stay connected with the industry:
  • CKCA on-line forum to share ideas and discuss this issue to see what others are doing to manage.
  • Call the CFIB business helpline at 1-888-234-2232
  • Call CKCA at 613-493-5858 or email us at
We know this current situation slows you down and creates difficulties for future work. But the lockdown is temporary while we navigate through these challenging times.
You are not alone, reach out, we are here to help.