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Marathon Hardware presents Viefe New Looks Winter Collection

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Marathon Hardware presents Viefe New Looks Winter Collection

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Marathon Hardware presents the Viefe New Looks Winter Decorative Collection
Mississauga, ON – Marathon is proud to present the Viefe New Looks Winter Decorative Collection. The collection showcases two new designer handles – Rail and Pura – as well as the Floid handle and knob combination. The collection is set against the backdrop of three areas of the home – kitchen, closet, and laundry room.
“Viefe has many beautifully designed pieces of decorative cabinet hardware. As the exclusive North American distributor, we are always excited to present the latest models from this elite Spanish brand,” says Craig Atkinson, Director of Marketing.
The winter collection will be released throughout January, February, and March of 2022. You can learn more by visiting our Website or on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

About Marathon Hardware
Marathon Hardware is a Canadian cabinet hardware distributor serving the needs of manufacturers and designers. Their extensive product offering includes a complete range of decorative hardware, kitchen storage accessories, and functional hardware. At the heart of everything they do is a focus on what matters most to their customers: Quality, Innovation, and Service.
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About Viefe
Viefe is a Spanish handle manufacturer that specializes in affordable, designer cabinet hardware. As an exclusive distribution partner of Marathon, Viefe shares the same values to always put the customer first by providing superior products and customer service.
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