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Use your website as a virtual showroom

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Use your website as a virtual showroom
  • The power of an image is everything.

  • Did you know you have 8 seconds to get the attention of your next client?

  • Are you using your website to its full capacity?

  • Do you know what the latest tools are to help keep your website, a “virtual showroom” current?

Candybox Marketing does and that’s why CKCA has partnered with Candybox to help our members get sound advice from the experts. Recently ranked No. 188 on the 2018 Growth 500 (formerly PROFIT 500) chart by Canadian Business and Maclean’s magazine, this company continues to provide an innovative approach to marketing, design and execution.  Darrell Keezer, CEO and Neil Persaud, Business Development Manager have both spoken at CKCA events because of their expertise in on-line marketing. You are in good hands when you seek their advice.

Articles posted below (most recent at the top). If anyone knows how to get the most from a website, it’s

Candybox Marketing.

Did you know CKCA members get a free 30 minute consult with Candybox Marketing?  Give it a go, learn something valuable, get sound advice from experts, your business will thank you.

Contact Neil Persaud, Business Development Manager 416-479-0177 ext 210 or

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