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IDS Show – Perspectives

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IDS Show – Perspectives

(April 2022)

The Interior Design Show took place in Toronto in early April. For the most part, the show was significantly smaller than in previous years. No vendor had as big a footprint as would be typical at the WMS show. Other members in attendance included  Blum, Richelieu, and Uniboard.

Blum also provided an update on their experience at the show. You can read their review here»

Varun Gajendran,Marketing Manager at Lucvaa Kitchens attended the show and gave us a run down of what he saw:

  • Richelieu featured several their TFL lines that they carry including Egger, AGT, Cleaf, Premline & Finsa
  • Richelieu had new, trendy handle boards including industrial iron, rope, polished brass, natural wood decorative pulls
  • BLUM showcased all their products with product specialists on-site to answer all my technical questions
  • BLUM’s Tony Henry also invited the Lucvaa team over to their new showroom to see the changes and visit their automation-heavy warehouse
  • Uniboard had their new colours, including their Supermat finish line, on display
  • Caesarstone had a cool booth, but there was unfortunately a 15-minute wait to see it (booth was very unconventional, with a giant mirrored orb hanging from the ceiling)
  • Miele booth featured a lot of built-in coffee machines and smaller appliances

“As a manufacturer, I wouldn’t consider IDS the best tradeshow as it is more catered toward designers. I went to network and catch-up with my vendors like Richelieu and Blum, who’s teams I haven’t seen in person in over 2 years. A few of our designers are heading over this afternoon and tomorrow to see what is there to inspire them on their next projects.”

Other observations:

  • Multi-family seminar was interesting
    • Presenters were Michael Leckie, Principal Architect, Leckie Studio Architecture & Gaile Guevara, Interior Designer, Gaile Guevara Studio
    • What I caught was talking about changing designing to accommodate not only multiple family, but also disability/accommodations
  • Other than the more relevant home renovation brands and industries, there were at least 3 acoustic paneling companies as well
    • One was using natural moss as a sound proofing
    • Another had 4cm thick decorative panels in a variety of colours
    • Maybe this is a growing industry for limiting noise pollution