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HR Topics and Tips

Welcome to the HR page!

We’ve listened to our members. We know HR is important to the success of any company. We will use this space to feature articles, tips, case studies, examples of policies to help our members.

Below you will see contributors such as Sunrise Kitchens, WMC, JobTalks and others.  Got an article suggestion or looking for information? Contact us at

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Sound advice that explains why now, more than ever, valuing people is so important for your company’s survival. Click here.
The continued story of this company’s journey to continually improve by embracing the concepts of Kaizen. Here’s an update on how this company is doing as their journey continues. Article here  (March 1 2021)
Located on Vancouver Island, Mid Island Cabinets has taken 3 important “behind the curtain” steps to strengthen their business. Read full article here.
“We were already on the path of improvements and were looking into the lean manufacturing method, but when we visit the shops that were using the Kaizen method/culture, we were just so blown away that we contact Chris Leonard, Kaizen Institute very shortly thereafter. So far we have been very impressed with Chris and are looking forward to working with them as we progress through the program.”
Kathy Hatcher
Mid Island Cabinets
   A vital non-profit organization that introduces students, parents, teachers and counselors to exciting careers in the construction industry

Jon Callegher spoke at the CKCA National Forum in Calgary 2019.

Retaining Employees in the Skilled Trades

March 2019 – A report one year in the making has just been released.  Over 400 construction workers from 10 categories participated in a study. The primary objective of this study was to explore ideas for improving retention and recruitment of employees in the residential construction and related infrastructure trades in the GTA.

Read the Executive Summary here.

Read the full report – Retaining Employees in the Skilled Trades – See presentation here.

Amrita Bhogal, HR Manager, Sunrise Kitchens, is an eager HR professional whose focus is to elevate people’s mindset and coach them to live a continuous improvement lifestyle. She has always had an entrepreneurial mindset and turned her passion for helping people she decided to pursue Human Resources in university. Nine months into her career she was introduced to the principles of Kaizen and since then adopted these principles in her life. Presently, she is educating the workforce at Sunrise Kitchens on learning to use Kaizen principles in daily tasks at work and at home.

Amrita believes in “educating people and providing them with the tools to achieve a growth mindset.”

  CKCA’s Executive Director, Sandra Wood, interviews Amrita Bhogal (Sunrise Kitchens) in the January/February edition of Woodworking Canada Magazine.

Is HR keeping you up at night?  Think Kaizen.

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The Wood Manufacturing Council is a non-profit corporation that works to bring together stakeholders in advanced wood processing to help collectively address human resource and skills development issues in the sector.

Women in Wood – Information and resources to encourage women into the profession.  Click here