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GRASS Canada announces the Vionaro V8

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GRASS Canada announces the Vionaro V8


GRASS Vionaro V8

The world’s first 8 mm, one-piece steel drawer side. The slimmest steel drawer side ever. The extremely slim design and the continuous rectangular shape ensure maximum space utilisation. Until recently, the very idea of reducing a drawer side to 8 mm and, moreover, making industrial production commercially viable would have been technically unthinkable. With Vionaro V8, GRASS is turning this vision into a reality. Designed for eternity. 100% laser-welded steel. 0% plastic, 0% glue. 100% recyclable. High-tech made in Austria. German Design Award Winner 2022. Everything. Except. Usual.

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What’s also really amazing with this new drawer is the machine that will produce it. The V8 machine is the only machine that can build a drawer from steel-coil to finish. Highly automated, nobody else has this or can do this. No other supplier will have this available, not even in the Automotive industry. Once we have a video ready to show this, I am sure this will be great for others to see since everyone is always looking into new machinery