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Eurocucina 2024 – Trends from two perspectives

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Eurocucina 2024 – Trends from two perspectives

CKCA recently sent a group of kitchen cabinet manufacturers to Europe to attend the world’s largest kitchen show – Eurocucina.

This trends setting show is packed full of all the latest in kitchen design and functionality and serves to inspire the transformation of our living spaces.

Blum Canada hosted the group as sponsor and have put an excellent summary together of the trends they saw from the show. We also got the perspective of one of the participants, CKCA member Trevor Chaulk from Chaulk Woodworking. Their two perspectives combined offer valuable insight into what’s trending for the kitchen cabinet industry.

Trevor Chaulk, Chaulk Woodworking

I would like to start off by saying a large thank you to Blum, CKCA, Richelieu and many others who helped make this experience memorable.   The hospitality we have experienced was second to none as usual with CKCA events.

To see many Blum plants in one day and observe how this large company operates, the experience  was really inspiring. From the unified feel across all plants to how they engineer and manufacture all their own machinery(with help from machine companies) and above all their skilled trades apprenticeship programs, it showed me that progress and innovation are not only required but needed for growth and future stability.  The apprenticeship program especially stuck with me as I believe it is imperative for companies to assist with skills training.  The joy and aspiration of their apprentices was uplifting and I would like to see this culture closer to home…It all starts somewhere.

The Eurocucina event was very large.  The amount of effort put forward for a show like this is tremendous!   We toured the Kitchen and Bath Halls, and we identified the importance of creative design and uniqueness of the end consumers of Kitchen and Bath Cabinets (Furniture), fixtures and overall feeling of the space environment.  The innovation is really showcased at this event mainly in new materials being introduced to the marketplace that have vibrant colours, textures and durability.  We noticed the amount of mixed materials in the designs and the element of a modern but grounded feel.  There was a fair amount of new hardware features that we would like to implement back here in Ontario, Canada.  I look forward to attending this show in the future.

Blum Canada

Here’s what Blum had to say about the tour.

Here’s a report Blum has prepared highlighting the trends at Eurocucina.

Thank you to our sponsors for making this a great program!