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Denca Cabinets goes solar and are sure glad they did!

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Denca Cabinets goes solar and are sure glad they did!

(March 2022)

Dominic and Heidi Boudreault, Owners of Denca Cabinets decided to invest in Solar panels in 2020.  When they started doing some research they noticed the Alberta grants & solar panel pricing had come down significantly. Heidi says  “We will be able to start seeing returns in 2.5 years!.”

Getting solar panels on the roof of their 45,000 sq ft. building has provided a way for Denca  to decrease their carbon footprint. They installed 466 x 72 cell modules which produces approx. 237,500Kwh of energy. This is equivalent to 70% of Denca’s annual energy requirements.

According to Heidi “The 209.41 kW solar PV system is estimated to produce 6,824,000 kWh over the 30 year life of the system which will provide the following environmental benefits (check out this handy report they receive from their provider):

Equivalent 79840 trees planted

3,899,700 (kg CO2e) C02 Emission Saved

Equivalent to 45,493,640 Kilometers Driven by an Electric Vehicle.”

Well done Dominic and Heidi Boudreault for taking a big step forward in making your business more environmentally sustainable. As well, we are sure given the current prices for energy, the timing could not have been better. We look forward to hearing from you in the future to see how this journey continues and what other innovative solutions you find to turn your business into “a green machine”!!