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Cyber attacks – From tools to a recent incident for Häfele Canada Inc.

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Cyber attacks – From tools to a recent incident for Häfele Canada Inc.

Message from CKCA:

We are saddened to hear of the challenges created by cyber attacks on our members, they are happening with concerning frequency and costing business. CKCA also experienced a disruption as our email service provider was shut down in early December. Almost everyone has either felt the effects of an indirect or direct hit from cyber attacks. CKCA is working with CCTX (Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange) to provide more education and resources to help our members address these issues. We created this checklist tool in partnership with CCTX.

In addition, CKCA is participating in the newly formed Critical Infrastrucure for the Manufacturing Sector (CIMS) Network to explore and validate emergency roles, responsibilities, and communications pathways during emergencies impacting one or more CI sectors (cyber attacks are part of those discussions because of their potential impact). We will work with Government to develop a national strategy that will improve communications during a crisis, whether that is a pandemic or a significant cyber attack.

We received the following media release from this CKCA member.


Häfele Canada Inc.

5323 John Lucas Drive

Burlington, Ontario L7L 6A8

Phone: (905) 336-6608   Toll Free: (800) 423-3531

MEDIA ALERT                                                                                         

February 21, 2023

Häfele Canada: Showing Strength During Adversity

Burlington, ON: Canadians are watching the news as Indigo, Canada’s largest bookstore chain, goes through the effects of a cybersecurity incident. CKCA member Häfele Canada had a parallel experience when a global cyber-attack affected all Hafele IT systems on Thursday, February 2nd, 2023. Unfortunately, our industry is not immune to this kind of criminal activity.

The Häfele Canada team acted quickly and created a viable “Plan B” to best service valued customers. Team members have been reallocated to monitor all backlogs and open orders as well as continue the flow of new orders, shipping requirements and customer service.

The team’s commitment from Day 1 of the disruption has been to stay fully open for business. While methods may take slightly longer and require a phone call or email versus a click of a button, the process is working, ensuring flow and fulfillment.

“Loyalty has never been so important. We can’t stress enough how grateful we are that our clients value the quality and selection they receive when they order Häfele products. The willingness and understanding we’ve seen from our customer base has been phenomenal. It can happen to anyone, and we are working through it together,” stated Earl Ducharme, Häfele Canada President and CKCA board member.

Currently, the controlled reconstruction of Häfele systems is well underway. Hä is available for all sales and customer service contacts, full product information and technical specifications required for project planning as the team works toward restoring the account log-in function and e-commerce orders.

“I’d also like to give a huge shout-out to the Häfele Canada team, who have selflessly rolled up their sleeves and immersed themselves in finding solutions. We were recently certified as a Great Place to WorkÒ in Canada, and I see it in action every day. Strength during adversity is an understatement,” added Ducharme.

Quick Reference for Temporary Communication Channels:


Sales Orders General product and service inquiries


📧Email 📧 Email



📱Phone numbers

  • (905) 802 3421
  • (905) 802 5370
  • (905) 802 6342
  • (905) 802 2127
  • (905) 802 2147 – French
  • (905) 802 6583 – French



Media Contact

Leanne Wood

Flying Camel PR