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CKCA plugs in to Cyber Threat Security Strategies

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CKCA plugs in to Cyber Threat Security Strategies
CKCA continues to work to share insights with our members to help you protect your business assets from Cyber attacks.
Register for this session, hosted by the Wood Manufacturing Cluster of Ontario.  Taking place Feb 15, 2022 (CKCA Members welcome)
We continue to stay plugged in to the Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange, a valuable collaboration centre that brings security experts together to share intel on how to defend against the latest threats.
Recently we attended a panel discussion that heard from companies including TDBank. Due to issues on the international stage and conflicts in some parts of the world, cyber attacks are on the increase hitting big companies and small.
Furthermore, companies who have remote workers are at increased risk because workers may be on an unsecured network (i.e. coffee shop) working on the company computer with sensitive information. It’s important to have proper procedures in place to manage these situations in addition to taking steps to secure the data on your network.
Protect your business assets. Never assume. Use CKCA’s handy checklist to know what questions to ask your IT provider and and make sure you get answers.
Other tools:  Watch CKCA’s recorded session on Cyber Security here.
Cyber attacks are on the increase sparking more awareness to protect your business. Don’t get caught.