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CKCA is launching Medical Benefits Plan

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CKCA is launching Medical Benefits Plan

CKCA has created a medical benefits plan


  • Because it’s tough getting and retaining skilled labour.

  • Offering medical benefits can help.

  • But that’s costly, many companies can’t afford them and many are just paying too much for them.

We can help!

What we did:

Over the past year we surveyed 9 CKCA member companies.
Looked at their plan design, what they were using and spending.
Went to market with a bigger volume and a list of what we needed.
Leveraged our larger group to get a better deal!
Check out what savings these 9 companies are getting.
It’s astounding.

What can we do for you?

Just submit a copy of a recent medical benefits bill plus your benefits book to the CKCA Group Advisor. We can do a full analysis and comparison. Let’s see if we can save you money and get
you a better plan.
You’ve got nothing to lose, plenty to gain!
You or your broker can call CKCA Group Advisor Alice Bejancu at
613-286-2313 or email

Here’s 3 tips for a good plan.

Unlimited drug coverage – Canada pays the fourth highest rates for medication in the world. Medications for diabetes, arthritis and cancer can cost tens of $thousands. You don’t have to settle
for a capped program!
Get the CKCA FOB for you and your staff that gives you access to brand name medications at the generic cost because most plans these days only cover up to the cost of generic substitution.
Preferred Pharmacy Network means many carriers have partnered with Costco to offer lowest dispensing fee and provide free home-delivery anywhere in Canada. Your Drugs will be reimbursed at a 10% higher reimbursement level, plus you don’t need a Costco membership to take advantage; just let the host know you are there to use the pharmacy.
Help us help you!