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CKCA Call for Urgent Action in Budget 2023

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CKCA Call for Urgent Action in Budget 2023

CKCA is part of the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition (CMC), a group of Canada’s leading manufacturing sector associations chaired by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporers (CME). We meet quarterly to discuss important issues facing the manufacturing sector and there is never a shortage of issues to discuss!

Our participation in this coalition offers CKCA members a vital channel to reach Government. The issues and potential solutions are discussed as a means to help manufacturing in Canada continue to evolve and to thrive.

Please see CMC Budget 2023 Press Release signed by CKCA and 20 other assocations that was sent to Government March 16, 2023 to address four important issues:

  1. Labour shortage
  2. Investment in and adoption of advance technologies
  3. Increase domestic production and exports
  4. Adapting to Canada’s climate change plan