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Celebrating Canadian Kitchen Cabinetry on Canada Day 2022 and Year Round

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Celebrating Canadian Kitchen Cabinetry on Canada Day 2022 and Year Round

July 2022

This Canada Day we will be waving maple leaf flags for our country’s 155th birthday celebration. CKCA encourages all kitchen cabinet manufacturers to harness their sense of pride on this day and display “Made in Canada” on their products all year round.

In an industry that predates our country’s Confederation, Canadian wood crafting and kitchen cabinetry is well respected world-wide for its quality. This is something special to share with consumers.

Much like our country’s history of its earliest immigrants, Canadian kitchen cabinetry has its origins in the finest European traditions. From those earliest days when John Jacques and Robert Hays were developing mass production techniques in Upper Canada, the industry has proven to be very innovative. The craftmanship has evolved through centuries to develop into what is today an uniquely Canadian product. Today there is a wide range of cabinet designs and products, but they all reflect a superior Canadian quality.

From a consumer’s perspective there are good economic reasons to buy Canadian, the greatest being that we are supporting Canadian labour and local businesses. In purchasing a Canadian product, consumers avoid the hidden costs of import duties and fees. There are no supply-chain issues and local service and sales mean direct, personal service.

There is also the fact that every dollar spent on a Canadian product has a ripple effect in our country – helping to support our local community’s economy and the multiple businesses and services that have supported the crafting and installation of your kitchen cabinetry.

There are other benefits that we often do not factor. For example, a Canadian product must meet the high regulatory criteria of Canada’s Health and Safety standards. A Canadian product also meets the environmental regulations that are set for manufacturing goods. Further to safety standards and environmental controls, our country’s businesses adhere to Canada’s employment standards.

From a business point of view there is good reason to be promoting our Canadian legacy. From a consumer’s point of view it is rewarding to know the purchase of a Canadian product helps fellow Canadians and our country’s economy.

So, proudly display the maple leaf on your product tags and packaging and in your marketing and social media. CKCA has promotional media badges to highlight our Canadian-built products to customers. We also have a compelling list of reasons to buy Canadian kitchen cabinets. Click here for more information:

And, join CKCA in displaying the maple leaf. Happy Canada Day!