Häfele Canada partners with Habitat for Humanity

Congratulations to Häfele Canada for partnering with Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga-Duffering (HabitatHMD) on the not-for-profit’s Tiny Home pilot program. In partnership with the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nations, will help increase the available housing stock for their community. Häfele Canada will help to outfit five tiny homes as a first step to establishing affordable housing options for Canadian communities in need.
CKCA knows that many of our members are doing amazing work like this across Canada and we are very proud of the incredible work you do!
We have partnered with Habitat for Humanity Canada to encourage our industry to work with their local centres to donate much needed products, in particular cabinets (boxes and doors). To make it easier we have one contact you are welcome to contact:
Call Rumee Shrestha, National ReStore Donation Manager, Habitat for Humanity Canada
  • T: (416) 644-0988 x 359 OR  C: (647) 289-5064
  • rshrestha@habitat.ca • habitat.ca

Olon revitalizes brand architecture

Olon has identified the need to revitalize and update its overall brand architecture making the strategic decision to REFRESH the Olon brand to modernize, maximize, maintain as well as expand its position and market share. This change will also tie in with the company’s 40th Anniversary.

Details here.

Century Initiative – 100 million by 2100

The Century Initiative is pushing for 100,000 million new Canadian into Canada by 2100. Just another example of how immigration and other factors are being tackled by different groups to address the growing shortage of workers into Canada. It is predicted that our GDP will drop to 1.6% if we stay on the current trajectory and do nothing, Century Initiative proposes 2.6% as a healthier goal.
Here’s some of the info the Century Initiative is tracking all more can be found in their informative report here. 
  • Trends in Canada’s population as of October 2020, Canada’s population was approximately 38 million.  Ontario has the highest proportion of the country’s population (39%), followed by Quebec (23%), British Columbia (14%), and Alberta (12%). The rest of the provinces each hold less than 5%.
  • In 2020, 27.3 million Canadians (more than 70% of Canada’s population) lived in cities, with the largest urban areas continuing to grow at a faster rate compared to other parts of Canada, despite recent slowed growth attributed to Covid-19.
  • The average age in Canada is slowly rising (41.4 years as of July 2020) and Canada’s share of seniors continues to grow (18% as of July 2020).
  • Rural and remote parts of Canada are more likely to experience advanced population aging compared to the rest of Canada and cities are more likely to have younger populations.
  • By 2036, seniors are projected to make up around a quarter of Canada’s population.
As we see programs such as the Century Initiative take shape, it’s important we are at the table to be heard! That’s why our partnership with CM&E and CFIB are important because through them we can echo your concerns and the real threat this labour shortage poses to our industry. CM&E and CFIB are working to influence government to make important policy decisions to help us address this massive shortage impacting the manufacturing and business sectors.

Formaldehyde Emissions – Get to Know the New Regulations

Formaldehyde Emissions – Get to know the new regulations

Refreshed Regulations are now available and come into force January 7, 2023. Published in the Canada Gazette we recommend you review the regulations and check with your suppliers as you ready for compliance. Levels of responsibility fall on suppliers as well as manufacturers! Keeping track of compliant product will be important and requires industry record-keeping, labelling and reporting. The new regulations align with the US requirements to help minimize the burden on businesses operating in Canada and the US.
Third party certifiers who certify product can view guidance document here»

Muskoka Cabinets receives $625,000 from FedDev Investment Fund

Congratulations to this CKCA member!!

Muskoka Cabinet Company who continues to lead the way in technology integration and advances has received funding to purchase a state of the art finishing line. A real industry innovator we look forward to seeing what this company continue to evolve and innovate!

Read press release»

We did a webinar with Luke Elias, President in February 2021.

Watch webinar here» (A full list of all CKCA on-demand videos can be found by logging in as a CKCA member).


What values have you imprinted on your company?

What values have you imprinted on your company?

By Amrita Bhogal, Human Resources, Sunrise Kitchens


Values are unique to everyone. Your values come from many various areas of your life, with the majority of them being instilled in us as young children. The values you inherit are what influence your choices and business practices. But are your values aligned with your company’s? As business owners, it is important to revisit this topic often and ensure the decisions made within the company are aligned. Values dictate the standard of behaviours, and these behaviours can help influence change to continually grow or decline.


Many businesses state their values with only the external customer in mind.  This is a great start, however, we should not stop there. In my opinion as an HR representative, the most important values that should be established are for the internal customers (i.e. your employees). This will improve the direction you want to lead your team in, and if everyone is clear on these values, it will positively impact the most difficult change in any business – a change in culture.


Action plan:

  • Analyze and align values established for external and internal customers
  • Bridge gaps between all levels of the organization
  • Bring values into recruiting process – hire candidates that practice similar values


Catch me at the CKCA National Forum in Calgary to hear more on how we can get in front of labour shortages by focusing on values, culture and kaizen.

Behaviors Dictate Culture

The culture statement on your wall does not validate your organization’s culture, the everyday actions of your people do. Culture is complicated and a one-time brainstorm session on your culture statement does not manifest the ideal culture you want to form.


Your culture is driven by the everyday communication, actions and decisions that are taken by your people, whether it be managers or your front-line employees. Creating a culture you want for your organization is a lifetime of constant work. There are many ways you can drive the culture you want through your people.


Where to get started:

  1. It all starts with values – re-evaluating your values to ensure they will be used when communicating, decision making, and everyday actions (involve the people in the organization when establishing them)
  2. Educate the organization through value-based activities – this creates a strong connection
  3. Most importantly stop behaving against your values


As an HR professional, I have concluded you’re always working on your culture because you are constantly improving your people. People = Culture. The constant mindset of improving your people and the actions that make it happen drives your culture. A place to start creating the ideal workplace culture is through your communication as it drives the actions which results in behaviors.


Want more? Start a conversation through Social Media:

Instagram: amrita_bhogal

LinkedIn: amrita bhogal


Amrita Bhogal

Human Resources

Sunrise Kitchens Ltd

Upper Canada Ontario Launches Uniboard TFL Collection

Upper Canada Ontario Launches the Uniboard® TFL Collection

Feb 11 2021

Upper Canada always helps you stay ahead of the trend with the latest designs, and our latest offering, Uniboard’s stunning TFL Collection, is a prime example. Bringing a sense of luxurious realism to any space with these decorative panels – it is a selection that is sure to inspire you to get creative with your projects.

From authentic designs to trendy solids, Uniboard’s leading edge colour palette observes modern urban trends as well as rustic and reclaimed styles. Uniboard offers innovative textures that capture the essence of nature’s inherent beauty, soft natural fabrics and authentic earthy textures. Perfect for retail, residential and institutional applications, you will never look at TFL the same way again.

Why Uniboard TFL?

  • Available in seven trendy textures: Aura, Calico, Dolomite, Nobella, Omnia, Riviera Oak, and Sequoia
  • Matching HPL and edgebanding available
  • No minimum order quantity required
  • CARB compliant, Eco and FSC® Certified
  • Non-porous decorative surface, making it an inhospitable environment for microorganisms to grow and live, so that they can be easily cleaned and disinfected repeatedly without damaging their design, beauty, or performance

To learn more about this decorative product line, browse the Uniboard TFL Collection.

For a sample, please contact your local Upper Canada Sales Consultant.

Upper Canada is a proud sponsor of the CKCA.