Laurysen Kitchens exciting expansion underway

Laurysen Kitchens is adding on to their existing operations located in Carleton Place. Their current plant was 20,000 sq. ft with roughly 3,000 sq. ft of office. Once the build is done, they’ll have a total production area of 70,000 sq. ft with an 8,000 sq. ft shipping bay plus 8,000 sq. ft. of office space and a state of the art factory showroom of 2,500 sq. ft. Altogether, Laurysen Kitchens will be using 110,000 sq. ft. of space. They are adding some new equipment including sheet storage, nesting, panel saw, spray line, dust collectors. Their aim is to be ready by February 2024. Interesting to note that they have purchased a ew property in the city of Ottawa that will also feature a 10,000 sq. ft. showroom.

Check out the drone footage of the expansion underway here»

Congratulations to CKCA Member, Laurysen Kitchens who are receiving $2 million in funding through the Regional Development Program Eastern Ontario Development Fund. MPP Goldie Ghamari visited Laurysen Kitchens June 12 to make the announcement.

See Press Release here»

Interzum Recap 2023

Interzum in Cologne, Germany, ended successfully on Friday, May 12, 2023. With approximately 62,000 trade visitors from some 150 countries, the leading international trade fair for suppliers to the furniture and interior design industry exceeded all expectations and inspired all present at the stands over the course of four days.

Blum Canada is pleased to provide you with this excellent summary of what they displayed at Interzum and what’s coming to Canada in July 2024. Read more »

CKCA, Laurysen Kitchens and others collaborate!

May 1, 2023

Giuseppe Castrucci former VP, Sales and Marketing may have retired from Laurysen Kitchens but he’s not sitting still. Instead Castrucci has initiated a collaboration between CKCA, Wood Manufacturing Council (WMC), National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA Ottawa Chapter), Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association ) GOHBA and Algonquin College to spearhead a one day conference in November in Ottawa to shine a light on the many career opportunities available in the residential building sector in Ottawa.

With the City of Ottawa committed to building 151,000 new homes in the next 10 years (that’s about 15,00 a year) the demand for skilled workers is only going to increase and we are all seeing the exodus of workers from the building industry as they head into retirement.

In a recent article in the Ottawa Citizen (Housing Renos – March 25 P2)  it was mentioned that 400,000 skilled labourers will be retiring over the next ten years.  But it’s important to note these retirees have plans to live in their homes, a trend that the kitchen cabinet industry has been hearing more about for some time called “aging in place.”  CKCA ran a webinar on this trend 2 years ago, you can find the link to the recorded session here.

Add this to the newcomers to Canada and demand to build more housing for them and you have the highest demand for housing and renovation the industry has ever seen at a time where we have a diminishing workforce.

Jason Burggraaf, Executive Director of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association says “GOHBA is actively promoting skilled trades as a first-choice career while leveraging strategic partnerships like these to attract young people, immigrants, and those looking for a new career to consider a skilled trade in residential construction and professional renovation. Building approximately 10,000 new homes a year and renovating our 400,000 existing homes means that in Ottawa we need an average of 800 new workers every year for the next 10 years to keep up with labour demand.”

The residential and home renovation industry across Canada has found itself in a chicken or egg situation.

“Collaboration amongst stakeholders isn’t just a nice to do any more, its a must do as we all face the same issues” says Sandra Wood, Executive Director, CKCA. With CKCA participating in the collaboration the hopes is to create a one day event that profiles the building industry in Ottawa and the career paths available. We need to expose youth, parents, newcomers and those looking to change careers to the residential building sector and dispel the myths and celebrate the many positives this industry has to offer” says Wood.

The collaboration is a work in progress. CKCA has reached out to it’s local members inviting them to participate in the one day event. Castrucci is pleased with the progress made so far  “As industry it’s important we do what we can to bring new talent into our industry. We can no longer assume we will have workers. The business potential for the kitchen cabinet industry in Canada is enormous. We need to get stakeholder organizations working together if we’re going to move the dial on the skilled labour shortage.”

As Chair of the collaboration, Castrucci is encouraging the group to leverage their individual expertise because each organization has been doing work on this issue for some time. The hopes is that this initiative will serve to become a template used in other parts of Canada. If you are interested in getting an initiative like this started in your local area, reach out to Sandra Wood at CKCA



CKCA helps establish BC pilot training program


CKCA helps establish BC pilot training program specific to kitchen cabinetry 

OTTAWA / May 1, 2023 — The Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association is pleased to be a partner in establishing a Kitchen Cabinet Production Worker (KCPW) recruitment & training program in British Columbia. The Northwest Skills Institute (NWSI) and Kaizen Learning Partners Inc, working in partnership with CKCA, has developed a program that will help participants gain the skills and knowledge needed to be immediately employed within the kitchen cabinet manufacturing industry.

There are considerable labour shortages in the cabinet manufacturing industry in BC, similar to the challenging job market throughout Canada. To explore innovative solutions to this issue, the CKCA program committee began talking about a possible solution to attract and train potential employees. Discussions evolved with NWSI, a well-established industry-focused training association in BC, and with the Chris Leonard from Kaizen Learning Partners. CKCA members in BC provided their input into a NWSI course curriculum that is specific to kitchen cabinetry.

The results is the KCPW training program that is delivered over seven weeks (210 hours) of classroom and wood shop instruction, using hands-on activities. Upon completion of this NWSI program, the participants will have the skills and knowledge of an entry level production worker for any kitchen cabinet manufacturer. Graduates will have foundational workplace skills such as using basic hand and power tools including cutting equipment. They will also obtain the ability to assemble products based on schematics, complete work orders, and ensure quality control.

The program is expected to attract new employees for the industry. Young people and newcomers to Canada will find the program instructive. The KCPW training program will present an accurate view of modern cabinet makers, providing important information for those who are not aware of the employment opportunities with cabinet manufacturers. It provides an overview of the diverse jobs and various careers that are available. Most importantly, the course provides some pre-employment skills training and work experience.

CKCA expects that the experience gained from this BC pilot training program will be helpful in supporting similar programs across the country. CKCA is committed to supporting its members gain an advantage in attracting new employees, especially in these times of critical labour shortages with skilled trades.

CKCA Executive Director Sandra Wood says:
“The Kitchen Cabinet Production Worker training program is the result of a six-month consultation process with our BC members. We are excited to be part of this BC pilot program. The combination of class instruction and hands-on skills training will ensure that the participants can walk into any one of our members’ companies and start work”.

Established in 1968 CKCA is a national trade association representing the kitchen cabinet industry in Canada. CKCA works to inspire progress and innovation in the industry, by promoting excellence, facilitating continuous improvement and working to ensure high standards for design and manufacturing are upheld. If you have any questions or would like more details on this initiative, please contact        Sandra Wood, CKCA Executive Director at 613-493-5858 or

Cyber Threats are no Joke – CKCA has collaborated with CCTX to bring you sound advice

We’re seeing more and more information and unfortunately more and more attacks.
Check out this article from Smart Industry Magazine.
CKCA has collaborated with Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange (CCTX).
Please use this easy checklist from the experts at CCTX to make sure you’re business is protected.
CFIB now offers the Cyber Security Academy. A range of courses to help you and your staff remain protected from cyber threats. Remember, CKCA members are CFIB members so access their free webinars using your CFIB member number.
Haven’t got your number? Contact for more information.

Speak up for your business – it does make a difference!

Muskoka Cabinet Company in Alfred, Ontario is expanding operations and recognized the importance of bringing in local politicians to tour the shop and to better understand what Muskoka does. But more importantly, to ensure these politicians recognize the  economic value Muskoka has on their community.

Mr. Yves Laviolette, Mayor of Alfred-Plantagenet and Mr. Stéphane Sarrazin, MPP Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MPP had a very successful tour at Muskoka, they were impressed with Muskoka and what they are doing in that region.

As Luke said “We needed to let them know about our industry and  see what Muskoka Cabinet Company is all about.  We are currently in the process of expanding our building and we needed to expedite the paperwork since we have commitments and don’t need to be delayed for some signature that might be required.”

In addition, Luke shared the CKCA prepared advocacy documents (all members have received the Reach Out, Speak Up, Be Head documents) to further support the information shared on the tour and to add more information about the challenges that manufacturers like Muskoka are facing, i.e. labour shortage.  Luke further added that “They appreciated the information and they are ready to support us as much as they can.”

Mr. Sarrazin already posted his FB page and mentioned CKCA! Mr. Sarrazin also mentioned that he is willing to help the CKCA dealing with the province, even initiating a sit down at Queens Park if we wanted to be heard!

Well done Muskoka Cabinet Company for hosting and educating local politicians. We know this is the first step in effecting change. We look forward to hearing more on your expansion in the future!

If you want copies of the Reach Out, Speak Up, Be Heard documents – please get in touch with us at


CKCA Call for Urgent Action in Budget 2023

CKCA is part of the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition (CMC), a group of Canada’s leading manufacturing sector associations chaired by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporers (CME). We meet quarterly to discuss important issues facing the manufacturing sector and there is never a shortage of issues to discuss!

Our participation in this coalition offers CKCA members a vital channel to reach Government. The issues and potential solutions are discussed as a means to help manufacturing in Canada continue to evolve and to thrive.

Please see CMC Budget 2023 Press Release signed by CKCA and 20 other assocations that was sent to Government March 16, 2023 to address four important issues:

  1. Labour shortage
  2. Investment in and adoption of advance technologies
  3. Increase domestic production and exports
  4. Adapting to Canada’s climate change plan


Cyber attacks – From tools to a recent incident for Häfele Canada Inc.

Message from CKCA:

We are saddened to hear of the challenges created by cyber attacks on our members, they are happening with concerning frequency and costing business. CKCA also experienced a disruption as our email service provider was shut down in early December. Almost everyone has either felt the effects of an indirect or direct hit from cyber attacks. CKCA is working with CCTX (Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange) to provide more education and resources to help our members address these issues. We created this checklist tool in partnership with CCTX.

In addition, CKCA is participating in the newly formed Critical Infrastrucure for the Manufacturing Sector (CIMS) Network to explore and validate emergency roles, responsibilities, and communications pathways during emergencies impacting one or more CI sectors (cyber attacks are part of those discussions because of their potential impact). We will work with Government to develop a national strategy that will improve communications during a crisis, whether that is a pandemic or a significant cyber attack.

We received the following media release from this CKCA member.


Häfele Canada Inc.

5323 John Lucas Drive

Burlington, Ontario L7L 6A8

Phone: (905) 336-6608   Toll Free: (800) 423-3531

MEDIA ALERT                                                                                         

February 21, 2023

Häfele Canada: Showing Strength During Adversity

Burlington, ON: Canadians are watching the news as Indigo, Canada’s largest bookstore chain, goes through the effects of a cybersecurity incident. CKCA member Häfele Canada had a parallel experience when a global cyber-attack affected all Hafele IT systems on Thursday, February 2nd, 2023. Unfortunately, our industry is not immune to this kind of criminal activity.

The Häfele Canada team acted quickly and created a viable “Plan B” to best service valued customers. Team members have been reallocated to monitor all backlogs and open orders as well as continue the flow of new orders, shipping requirements and customer service.

The team’s commitment from Day 1 of the disruption has been to stay fully open for business. While methods may take slightly longer and require a phone call or email versus a click of a button, the process is working, ensuring flow and fulfillment.

“Loyalty has never been so important. We can’t stress enough how grateful we are that our clients value the quality and selection they receive when they order Häfele products. The willingness and understanding we’ve seen from our customer base has been phenomenal. It can happen to anyone, and we are working through it together,” stated Earl Ducharme, Häfele Canada President and CKCA board member.

Currently, the controlled reconstruction of Häfele systems is well underway. Hä is available for all sales and customer service contacts, full product information and technical specifications required for project planning as the team works toward restoring the account log-in function and e-commerce orders.

“I’d also like to give a huge shout-out to the Häfele Canada team, who have selflessly rolled up their sleeves and immersed themselves in finding solutions. We were recently certified as a Great Place to WorkÒ in Canada, and I see it in action every day. Strength during adversity is an understatement,” added Ducharme.

Quick Reference for Temporary Communication Channels:


Sales Orders General product and service inquiries


📧Email 📧 Email



📱Phone numbers

  • (905) 802 3421
  • (905) 802 5370
  • (905) 802 6342
  • (905) 802 2127
  • (905) 802 2147 – French
  • (905) 802 6583 – French



Media Contact

Leanne Wood

Flying Camel PR


Growth through Culture – Four Key Ingredients

Article prepared by: Amrita Bhogal, People and Culture Leader, Sunrise Kitchens Ltd

Did you get a chance to make your Masala Chai? On the tour at Sunrise Kitchens, Amrita Bhogal, People and Culture Leader and the VP of CKCA, shared with us a special Masala spice blend.

You may be thinking how does Masala Chai connect to manufacturing cabinets?

The recipe of Masala Chai has been passed down through many generations and today families have their own unique spice blend of brewing masala chai. Culture is like masala chai. There are many variations on how to build your organizational culture and to share our process we have identified our top 4 ingredients for our recipe, Growth through Culture.

  1. Respectful Community

An important attribute to building a strong culture is having respect. Some ways you can build a respectful community within your teams is to practice active listening skills. Being an active listener can help you build trust, mutual understanding and empathy with others.  Active listening can break the barrier of listening to any objectives when teams are faced the resistance to change. In LEAN perspective, “walk the Gemba or where the activity is and listen to the people”.

  Furthermore, approaching conflict as a collaborator will also help mitigate those who are most troubled with the changes. Collaborating and understanding where they are coming from will show your team you are willing to listen and be flexible to come to an agreement both are okay with.

2.Encouraging Environment

In order to have an environment that encourages your team to build their careers with your organization, it is important to provide opportunities of training, courses they can enroll in and participate in organizational workshops. Policies can also help streamline career development such as an employee transfer policy that is initiated by the employee.  An open-door policy also allows employees to come in and share their thoughts furthermore, for Managers, Amrita provides a monthly People and Culture Coversation with her management team. This allows managers to build a personal and professional connection along with providing extra support with their teams. Building a comprehensive onboarding program that includes, new hire presentation, safety training, QA training etc. will help new hires transition into the organization.

3. Inclusion, Equality and Diversity

A unique way to share the diversity of the team is to visually represent where your team is from. There are endless ideas how this can be brought to life, a few examples can be in the format of a map on the wall or a pin able globe.  Achieve team cohesiveness through being transparent in your communications such as creating an internal newsletter or having organizational meetings every quarter. Furthermore, making employee focused decisions will help create equality. Lastly, building a two-way communication in majority of conversations will help create collaboration and ownership. Another way this can be achieved is through creating a marriage between self-evaluations and performance reviews.

4. Organization Empowerment

Empowering the organization can take place through many activities. A good place to get started is by embodying company values by setting examples through actions and communications along with positively reinforcing desired values by providing verbal rewards when the employee demonstrates the values. Another empowering action can be to celebrate failures. This will help break down the fear associated with doing some wrong or the worry of termination. It is important to create a safe environment that allows employees to make mistakes and learn from them.  Empowerment can also show up in the form of system integration. Allowing departments to work together and access information when they need it will allow them to make powerful decisions.


Interior Design show (IDS) 23 through the eyes of industry

The IDS show in Toronto provided a window in to the new and the trending designs in interior design. We asked Blum Canada to give us an update on what they observed from the show. Lucy Traetto and Tony Henry have over 40 years combined experience in the industry. Their observations of what they saw are very valuable. Read their observations here»

“IDS-23 proved once again that it is a place to inspire and connect. The design community is always ready to give us new ideas to work with. Adapting to new realities while using our ingenuity to create better solutions will keep us moving forward.” – Blum Canada