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FACT: Manufacturers are facing unprecedented challenges and the need to connect with each other has never been greater.

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Handhills Cabinets shows how capable their machinery really is

Handhills Cabinets, is  a proud member of CKCA based in Hanna, Alberta.

Recently they had a large commercial job that required plywood shelving.

With solid 3/4 strip wood on the front edges,– vs just some thin PVS edge, and without the options on this machine, Handhills admits they could not have bid on the job. What they found different about the machine is that only larger and really heavy duty machines can actually apply an edge that thick ( 3/4″ ) most only go to ( 3/8″ ) or smaller. The unit in video 3– is again a unit found only on larger machines, so they would never want to do without it, –unless you only ever want to straight kitchen cabinets.

Handhills Cabinets says “If you do both residential and commercial, it pays to spend a little more on a machine with more options.”

Video 1 – Feeding in and applying 3/4″ thick solid lumber to apply onto a commercial shelving job, using waterproof PUR adhesive.
Video 2 – Showing front and back trim cutting off excess overhand
Video 3 – Rough trimmer units – trimming applied piece flush to panel
Video 4 – Profile units putting a smaller chamfer edges


Vaccine Policy and Covid-19 Small Business Centre Help

Get the answers you need!

According to a KMPG survey, some 62% of employers who are preparing for employees to return to the workplace will require or plan to require proof of Covid-19 vaccination from their employees. As well, 84 per-cent agree that vaccines are key to avoiding another lockdown and should be mandatory.
According to Public Health Canada, as of Nov. 27, 2021, 75.86 per-cent of the population have been fully vaccinated.
Note: Don’t forget CKCA members are CFIB members (those eligibile) and that gives you access to all the latest updates on implementing Covid-19 vaccination policies in your workplace. Be sure to check out CFIB’s Covid-19 Small Business Help Centre. Get the answers and help you need. Forgot your CFIB member number? Call or E-mail us and we can provide that to you. CKCA – 613-493-5858 or

Cyber beware this season and always!

Tell your staff to be mindful of the 7 Scams to watch this holiday season
Arm your employees with information from credible sources about the Holiday Scams this season.
Reminder to CKCA Members! The holiday season can be a vulnerable time and Cyber Threats are on the increase! CKCA receives weekly notifications from CCTX (Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange) and there is story after story about cyber attacks.
We released a useful tool to help CKCA members protect their business. Members can access this chart by logging in and checking under the Members Only Resources Section.  This tool is great to share this with your Tech Department and make sure they can answer every question on it.

CKCA’s Cyber Risk Tool

You don’t have to understand all the tech, but you do have to understand the risk – Use this CKCA tool!

You can’t be an expert at everything. You have to delegate to others to ensure your business is protected against cyber security.

CKCA went to THE source for cyber security insights and have partnered with Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange to produce this handy checklist (please log in as a CKCA member to view this great tool).

Give this checklist to your IT contact and get them to go through it and respond to you. Remember it won’t be your IT contact paying the ransomware, it will be you! So if you want to make sure your IT has got your business covered, show them this list and see what they say.

Did you know about 70% of Canadian companies have experienced an attack and that number is growing?

It can’t happen to you? Really? Check out these stories:

  • Trail Appliances, western Canada’s largest appliance retailer has been impacted by a Cyberattack. Read more »
  • Drowning in threat information? Getting advice from the right sources is important. Read more»
  • At the end of the day, every organization owns the responsibility to acquire, implement and manage their IT. Read more»