CKCA celebrates Canadian-built at the Kitchen and Bath Expo Oct 25-27 2023

CKCA will be participating in the Kitchen & Bath Canada Expo and Conference. We want to celebrate “Canadian Built” kitchen cabinets by creating a “Canadian Pavillion” where we will showcase CKCA as well as some of our members and their products to really let the Canadian brand shine.


This B2B show will attract designers, dealers, builders and suppliers. This is a great opportunity to showcase what “buy Canadian built kitchen cabinets” is all about!

If your a manufacturer, consider buying a booth at the show and proudly showcase your product to potential customers.

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CKCA Elects 2 members to the 2023 Board of Directors

ANNOUNCEMENT (Click here for PDF version)

June 15, 2023

CKCA members elect 2023/2024 Board of Directors

The Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association held their 2023 Annual Meeting on Thursday, June 15 at 2pm (ET) via Zoom.

Members voted to elect two Directors from a list of five candidates for positions on the CKCA Board of Directors for 2023/2024. We are pleased to advise that:

  • Luke Elias, Muskoka Cabinet Company
  • Chris Havey, CNC Automation

were elected by the CKCA membership. Luke Elias has already served on the CKCA Board for one term (2020-2023) and Chris Havey is joining the Board this year. Both will serve on the Board for a three year term 2023 – 2026.

Immediately following the AGM, the newly elected Board then re-appointed the Executive Officers.

  • Pete Fournier, Triangle Kitchen (President)
  • Amrita Bhogal, Sunrise Kitchens (Vice-President)
  • James Dewinetz, Pacific Rim Cabinets (Treasurer)
  • Heidi Boudreault, Denca Cabinets (Past-President)
  • Sandra Wood, CKCA Staff (Secretary)


  • Trevor Chaulk, Chaulk Woodworking  (continuing their term)
  • Craig Atkinson, Marathon Hardware   (continuing their term)
  • Joerg Brauns, Cyncly (continuing their term)
  • Giuseppe Castrucci, Laurysen Kitchens (continuing their term)
  • Earl Ducharme, Hafele Canada (continuing their term)
  • Luke Elias, Muskoka Cabinet Company (elected for a second term 2023)
  • Varun Gajendran, Lucvaa Kitchens (continuing their term)
  • Chris Havey, CNC Automation (elected for a first term 2023)
  • Gerald Van Woudenberg, Van Arbour Design (continuing their term)

CKCA would also like to acknowledge and sincerely thank departing Board member Wes Love of Taurus Craco who served on the Board from 2010-2017 and then returned to the Board in 2020.  Wes has been a steadfast contributor to CKCA and we are extremely grateful for his contributions to moving CKCA forward.

Link to Board members photos and bios can be found here.

CKCA President, Pete Fournier says:

“CKCA is pleased to have received so many excellent candidates for the two positions that became open on the Board this year. We heard repeatedly from members that the choice was difficult to make. We congratulate the two elected Board members, Luke Elias and Chris Havey and we would also like to sincerely thank Wes Love for his tremendous contributions to the Board. The interest we received from members through the election process tells us that the work we are doing is valued. The industry is evolving, and it is important we have strong leadership to help guide the organization and ensure it remains relevant and nimble to the changes we face.  CKCA is an industry tool and a national voice that strives to create opportunities for the Canadian kitchen cabinet industry. The CKCA Board of Directors are volunteers representing a wide range of companies across Canada who manufacture or supply to the kitchen cabinet industry. We look forward to another productive year.”

The CKCA National Forum will be held September 28 – September 30 in Moncton, NB. Registration opens end June.

CKCA established in 1968, is a national trade association representing the kitchen cabinet industry in Canada. CKCA works to inspire progress and innovation in the industry, by promoting excellence, facilitating continuous improvement and working to ensure high standards for design and manufacturing are upheld

If you have any questions please contact Sandra Wood, CKCA Executive Director at 613-493-5858 or for more details.




CKCA, Laurysen Kitchens and others collaborate!

May 1, 2023

Giuseppe Castrucci former VP, Sales and Marketing may have retired from Laurysen Kitchens but he’s not sitting still. Instead Castrucci has initiated a collaboration between CKCA, Wood Manufacturing Council (WMC), National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA Ottawa Chapter), Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association ) GOHBA and Algonquin College to spearhead a one day conference in November in Ottawa to shine a light on the many career opportunities available in the residential building sector in Ottawa.

With the City of Ottawa committed to building 151,000 new homes in the next 10 years (that’s about 15,00 a year) the demand for skilled workers is only going to increase and we are all seeing the exodus of workers from the building industry as they head into retirement.

In a recent article in the Ottawa Citizen (Housing Renos – March 25 P2)  it was mentioned that 400,000 skilled labourers will be retiring over the next ten years.  But it’s important to note these retirees have plans to live in their homes, a trend that the kitchen cabinet industry has been hearing more about for some time called “aging in place.”  CKCA ran a webinar on this trend 2 years ago, you can find the link to the recorded session here.

Add this to the newcomers to Canada and demand to build more housing for them and you have the highest demand for housing and renovation the industry has ever seen at a time where we have a diminishing workforce.

Jason Burggraaf, Executive Director of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association says “GOHBA is actively promoting skilled trades as a first-choice career while leveraging strategic partnerships like these to attract young people, immigrants, and those looking for a new career to consider a skilled trade in residential construction and professional renovation. Building approximately 10,000 new homes a year and renovating our 400,000 existing homes means that in Ottawa we need an average of 800 new workers every year for the next 10 years to keep up with labour demand.”

The residential and home renovation industry across Canada has found itself in a chicken or egg situation.

“Collaboration amongst stakeholders isn’t just a nice to do any more, its a must do as we all face the same issues” says Sandra Wood, Executive Director, CKCA. With CKCA participating in the collaboration the hopes is to create a one day event that profiles the building industry in Ottawa and the career paths available. We need to expose youth, parents, newcomers and those looking to change careers to the residential building sector and dispel the myths and celebrate the many positives this industry has to offer” says Wood.

The collaboration is a work in progress. CKCA has reached out to it’s local members inviting them to participate in the one day event. Castrucci is pleased with the progress made so far  “As industry it’s important we do what we can to bring new talent into our industry. We can no longer assume we will have workers. The business potential for the kitchen cabinet industry in Canada is enormous. We need to get stakeholder organizations working together if we’re going to move the dial on the skilled labour shortage.”

As Chair of the collaboration, Castrucci is encouraging the group to leverage their individual expertise because each organization has been doing work on this issue for some time. The hopes is that this initiative will serve to become a template used in other parts of Canada. If you are interested in getting an initiative like this started in your local area, reach out to Sandra Wood at CKCA



CKCA helps establish BC pilot training program


CKCA helps establish BC pilot training program specific to kitchen cabinetry 

OTTAWA / May 1, 2023 — The Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association is pleased to be a partner in establishing a Kitchen Cabinet Production Worker (KCPW) recruitment & training program in British Columbia. The Northwest Skills Institute (NWSI) and Kaizen Learning Partners Inc, working in partnership with CKCA, has developed a program that will help participants gain the skills and knowledge needed to be immediately employed within the kitchen cabinet manufacturing industry.

There are considerable labour shortages in the cabinet manufacturing industry in BC, similar to the challenging job market throughout Canada. To explore innovative solutions to this issue, the CKCA program committee began talking about a possible solution to attract and train potential employees. Discussions evolved with NWSI, a well-established industry-focused training association in BC, and with the Chris Leonard from Kaizen Learning Partners. CKCA members in BC provided their input into a NWSI course curriculum that is specific to kitchen cabinetry.

The results is the KCPW training program that is delivered over seven weeks (210 hours) of classroom and wood shop instruction, using hands-on activities. Upon completion of this NWSI program, the participants will have the skills and knowledge of an entry level production worker for any kitchen cabinet manufacturer. Graduates will have foundational workplace skills such as using basic hand and power tools including cutting equipment. They will also obtain the ability to assemble products based on schematics, complete work orders, and ensure quality control.

The program is expected to attract new employees for the industry. Young people and newcomers to Canada will find the program instructive. The KCPW training program will present an accurate view of modern cabinet makers, providing important information for those who are not aware of the employment opportunities with cabinet manufacturers. It provides an overview of the diverse jobs and various careers that are available. Most importantly, the course provides some pre-employment skills training and work experience.

CKCA expects that the experience gained from this BC pilot training program will be helpful in supporting similar programs across the country. CKCA is committed to supporting its members gain an advantage in attracting new employees, especially in these times of critical labour shortages with skilled trades.

CKCA Executive Director Sandra Wood says:
“The Kitchen Cabinet Production Worker training program is the result of a six-month consultation process with our BC members. We are excited to be part of this BC pilot program. The combination of class instruction and hands-on skills training will ensure that the participants can walk into any one of our members’ companies and start work”.

Established in 1968 CKCA is a national trade association representing the kitchen cabinet industry in Canada. CKCA works to inspire progress and innovation in the industry, by promoting excellence, facilitating continuous improvement and working to ensure high standards for design and manufacturing are upheld. If you have any questions or would like more details on this initiative, please contact        Sandra Wood, CKCA Executive Director at 613-493-5858 or

Cyber Threats are no Joke – CKCA has collaborated with CCTX to bring you sound advice

We’re seeing more and more information and unfortunately more and more attacks.
Check out this article from Smart Industry Magazine.
CKCA has collaborated with Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange (CCTX).
Please use this easy checklist from the experts at CCTX to make sure you’re business is protected.
CFIB now offers the Cyber Security Academy. A range of courses to help you and your staff remain protected from cyber threats. Remember, CKCA members are CFIB members so access their free webinars using your CFIB member number.
Haven’t got your number? Contact for more information.

CKCA Call for Urgent Action in Budget 2023

CKCA is part of the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition (CMC), a group of Canada’s leading manufacturing sector associations chaired by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporers (CME). We meet quarterly to discuss important issues facing the manufacturing sector and there is never a shortage of issues to discuss!

Our participation in this coalition offers CKCA members a vital channel to reach Government. The issues and potential solutions are discussed as a means to help manufacturing in Canada continue to evolve and to thrive.

Please see CMC Budget 2023 Press Release signed by CKCA and 20 other assocations that was sent to Government March 16, 2023 to address four important issues:

  1. Labour shortage
  2. Investment in and adoption of advance technologies
  3. Increase domestic production and exports
  4. Adapting to Canada’s climate change plan


Future of the Industry – Watch this webinar

Want to advance your business? Watch this video!

The future is bright for the kitchen cabinet industry in Canada!

Previously hosted a live session at the CKCA National Forum in Waterloo, Ontario 2022, this was so popular we decided to host it again on-line so more of the industry could benefit from the insights and advice shared by these industry experts.

We’re making this webinar FREE to everyone. If you want to see more great industry webinars like this, then join the CKCA and access all the industry intel, data and insights we’re collecting and sharing.


  • Jason Varelli, Biesse
  • Luke Elias, Muskoka Cabinet Company
  • Peter Mater, Planit Canada
  • Tommy Gagnon, AutomaTech Robotik
  • Stephan Kleiser: Moderator

View video here»

Thanks to our session sponsor:

What we’re working on in 2023!

We’ve got a long to do list for 2023, but we’re excited!

With the help of our more than 30 industry volunteers who sit on our committees and our Board, we continue to work for our industry.

  • Help you connect and learn from others through two face to face events East and West packed full of plant tours, education and plenty of networking time. Click on our Events page.
  • Focused industry discussions monthly manufacturers roundtable on-line. Register by contacting us.
  • Keeping you informed through on-line webinars on topics including:  Future of the Industry, Succession Planning, Advanced Manufacturing and more plus our weekly national news updates. Click on our Events page.
  • Launching a Women in Kitchen Manufacturing Program to strengthen recruitment strategies and provide mentorship support.
  • Raise the profile of what our industry is all about to entice more people to get into this business by developing a video series and an on-line career booklet that you can use on your website and when you present in schools. Watch our Careers page for more.
  • More member savings programs including HR and Video services. Click on member programs, new programs being added soon!
  • More industry intel and data for benchmarking through surveys, industry research and more.
  • Web based ‘help’ platform that provides a wide range of resources on topics you are looking for.
  • Advocating on your behalf through our influential channels on important topics including the labour shortage, increased cost of doing business, affordability and accessibility to funding for adoption of new technologies. Check our Advocacy page for details.
  • Recruitment program to train and hire workers entering Canada to enter the kitchen cabinet industry.

This and so much more. Stay PLUGGED IN to the CKCA community. Don’t miss out on all the opportunities to help your business thrive!

CKCA’s Regional Event goes West Feb 6-8, 2023

Want to connect with other manufacturers and suppliers across Canada?

  • We know you want to know what’s going on out there.
  • Now’s your chance to see what’s going on out west with the first face-to-face event in 3 years (that’s right, it was Feb 2020 the last time we met on the west coast).
  • A jam packed program with amazing tours is waiting for industry to sign up and attend.
  • All the information can be found here including registration.

It’s been tough not hosting our members. While we’ve manged to meet on line, nothing replaces the community spirit of an in person event. So while we encourage everyone to take all safety measures with Covid, we guarantee you a warm welcome in Richmond, BC Feb 6-8, 2023!



Tapping the “Feeder Lanes”

Where do we get the workers? Colleges have been providing our industry with workers for many years. In fact, this was obvious very recently when we toured manufacturers in Waterloo, ON as part of the CKCA National Forum. A number of attendees to the forum commented that they had graduated from Conestoga College. Its obvious that Conestoga College, located in Waterloo,  has done a great job of training and then feeding our industry with trained candidates. But given the shift in the employment market, it’s now even more important to engage with colleges to tap those “feeder lanes” when the opportunities present.

There are many ways to do this and a great example is an initiative Conestoga College started called “Jill of All Trades” which works to introduce students Grades 9-12 to the trades. This program is gaining traction and Cambrian College recently started the program as well.

We spoke to Joni Jean, Chair, Schools of Engineering & Technology and Trades & Apprenticeship at Conestoga College, who explained more about the program.

Jill of All Trades (JOAT) is a Conestoga College initiative, which Conestoga started about 8 years ago. (They were unable to run the event during the pandemic.) The college invites approximately 225 young women from local high schools to participate in the full-day event. This includes a keynote, followed by the opportunity to participate in three hands-on workshops (15 different workshops, including woodworking are typically available) throughout the day, which are led by mentors, many of whom are female. The JOAT videos can found on the following webpage. Be sure to check out the Jill of all Trades video (dated 2018), its a great visual of what takes place.

Conestoga recently trademarked the name and logo in both Canada and the United States. With the support of a national sponsor, the college is providing resources so other colleges, like Cambrian, so they can offer their own JOAT event. Conestoga’s goal is to run events across Canada at 25 separate institutions in 2025, so there will be a handful of events this year, ten or so next year, and so on.

The opportunity lies in the fact the colleges are always seeking sponsors for programs like this as well as people who can assist in delivering these unique programs. In exchange, you get a chance to meet with a demographic you may not otherwise have and you can plant some seeds. While we know students coming from college level are most suitable as employees, we also have to promote our industry to the younger generation who know little to nothing about the trades. Jill of all Trades is focussed on women in the trades, but even so, it’s a successful program you can get involved with.

But that’s not all, many colleges are looking for volunteers to sit on their Program Review Committees as well as participate in their co-op programs and offer placements, plus there are other ways to engage (watch the video presentation with Joni Jean). But one thing you may not have considered is that colleges are suffering from the labour shortage too. Which means they are looking for teachers from the industry. If you can afford a small amount of time on a regular basis to commit to teaching, there’s no better way to meet your future employees.

If you have a local college with programs that can feed your business, reach out to them and see how you can strengthen those ties. Remember, it’s not just woodworkers we need in the industry, so don’t rule out other faculties.

Recently CKCA visited Conestoga College and we met with the Faculty of Design students. It was a great afternoon and whether or not those students knew about kitchen design as a career option – they sure do now!

Watch the presentations: