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Call for Nominations to CKCA Board of Directors 2022

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Call for Nominations to CKCA Board of Directors 2022

Are you passionate about the kitchen cabinet industry?

Do you want to bring your knowledge and expertise to help steer a national dialogue in our industry?

Want to expand your network and gain a greater understanding of what is happening in the kitchen cabinet industry across Canada?

Then please consider putting your name forward for election to the board of directors of the CKCA.

If we receive multiple nominations, there will be an election.

The mission and vision of the Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association (CKCA) is to inspire progress and innovation in the Canadian kitchen manufacturing industry, by promoting excellence, facilitating continuous improvement and working to ensure high standards for design and manufacturing are upheld by members, as well as to build strong relationships and enduring trust between CKCA members and the consumers, builders and industry partners whose support ensures the success of our members.

If you are interested in standing for election to the board of directors of the CKCA, please review the criteria below, and download the fillable form. Complete it and save it before sending back to us by email.

Complete this form»

Send application form back to the CKCA (by e-mail, for convenience) no later than
April 28, 2022

Please address your application to:

  • Mike Slobodian
  • CKCA Past President and Chair, CKCA Nominations Committee
  • Email:

Duties / Responsibilities of each Director of the CKCA:

  • You have the time to commit at least 3 years to the board of directors
  • Once elected, should you wish to move on to an Officer position in the future (President, VP, Treasurer), both Manufacturing or Supplier members are eligible [Section 8.2(a)] to hold these offices. It is recommended that during the first 3-year term, you express interest in an officer position.
  • You will prepare for and attend several meetings of the board of directors per year
  • You are willing to sit on one or more committees of the CKCA (such as the communications committee, program committee, membership committee, advocacy committee etc.).For more information on the roles and responsibilities of the Directors, please contact Sandra Wood, Executive Director, CKCA at or 613-493-5858

Number of Directors: The board of directors of the CKCA consists of 13 individuals from among the manufacturing members and the supplier members.

Number of Open Seats on the Board of Directors: At the May 2022 annual meeting, the voting members of the CKCA will be asked to elect one new director representing either the manufacturing or supplier membership category.

Qualifications and Eligibility: In accordance with the CKCA by-laws:

  • You are a member or are employed by a member of CKCA from either the manufacturer[1] or supplier[2] categories [section 5.1]
  • You are at least 18 years of age, have not been declared incapable by a court in Canada or in another country, and you do not currently have the status of a bankrupt
  • You have the support of at least 2 members or current directors of the CKCA

Composition of the Board of Directors: At least 50% of the Board shall be composed of Directors representing Manufacturer Members, with the remainder of the Board composed of Directors representing Supplier Members. [section 5.1]

Term: The term of each director is 3 years. Directors may serve 3 consecutive terms before having to take a break from the board of directors (for a total of 9 years) [section 5.3].

[1] Manufacturer member is defined in CKCA’s by-laws as follows: Any person, firm or corporation engaged in the kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity industry that manufactures factory finished cabinets in Canada, or other country, approved by the Board of Directors. [section 1.1(l)]

[2] Supplier member is defined in CKCA’s by-laws as follows: Any person, firm or corporation who provides goods or services used by kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity manufacturers to produce the cabinets. These include, but are not limited to, manufacturers and suppliers of: countertops, hardware, laminates, cabinet doors, coatings and finishing products, edgebanding, lumber and panel products, equipment, and computer software companies. A supplier member is not eligible for membership in any other category. [section 1.1(y)]