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Behaviors Dictate Culture

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Behaviors Dictate Culture

The culture statement on your wall does not validate your organization’s culture, the everyday actions of your people do. Culture is complicated and a one-time brainstorm session on your culture statement does not manifest the ideal culture you want to form.


Your culture is driven by the everyday communication, actions and decisions that are taken by your people, whether it be managers or your front-line employees. Creating a culture you want for your organization is a lifetime of constant work. There are many ways you can drive the culture you want through your people.


Where to get started:

  1. It all starts with values – re-evaluating your values to ensure they will be used when communicating, decision making, and everyday actions (involve the people in the organization when establishing them)
  2. Educate the organization through value-based activities – this creates a strong connection
  3. Most importantly stop behaving against your values


As an HR professional, I have concluded you’re always working on your culture because you are constantly improving your people. People = Culture. The constant mindset of improving your people and the actions that make it happen drives your culture. A place to start creating the ideal workplace culture is through your communication as it drives the actions which results in behaviors.


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Amrita Bhogal

Human Resources

Sunrise Kitchens Ltd