Plant Tours – Host one, attend one, virtual tours too

CKCA is always looking for companies who are willing to open their doors to the industry. Plant tours are always considered very valuable. As one member said “I always learn something from a plant tour”.

UPDATE:  Unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions we have been unable to host face to face plant tours. We look forward to hosting these again as things return to normal in 2022.


CKCA believes that in order for the industry to move forward, we must be willing to share and inspire each other. Through collaboration, we can move this industry forward and that is what a plant tour is all about.

“We’ve been a member of the CKCA for about 4 years. We had been encouraged to join years before and invited to a couple different events over the years which were all great. However, it wasn’t until we joined that we realized the full benefit of the the membership. The opportunity to rub shoulders with other manufacturers at the national events has been invaluable. The openness and willing to help from almost every member was mind boggling. In each 3 day event we were given many invitations to see other members operations and have developed some strong relationships. We have benefited from seeing different shop layouts and procedures; seeing new technologies that are shaping our future; talking with others about subjects like payment schedules, profit expectations, and management coaching; and so much more. We are aspiring to be better and our CKCA membership is helping us get there.” – Jamie Birrell, Oakridge Woodworking

CKCA Plant Tours Good For Business – read this article by CKCA Past President, Caroline Castrucci of Laurysen Kitchens.

Face to Face Plant Tours

CKCA visited Lucvaa Kitchens in September 2017 in Toronto. An excellent tour where the engineers took guests around to see the facilities. Well organized, great conversations, sharing of ideas. What more could you ask for? Thanks Lucvaa for hosting us!

Do you want to host a plant tour? Get in touch with us.