Don’t learn the hard way – learn from industry experts!

Attend on-line webinars where we bring industry experts to you with key insights. These webinars are FREE for members and are topics focused on the kitchen cabinet industry. Go CKCA events to see what webinars we have coming up.

Learn on your schedule

You’re too busy to attend? We get it. That’s why we record webinars and upload them to the member section of our website. You and your staff can view these valuable sessions any time. Log in as a member and go to this section to view any webinar we recorded.

Plant Tours – Attend Face-to-Face events

This year we hope to return to offering some face-to-face events. These include valuable plant tours along with informative education sessions and PLENTY of networking time because we know how important it is for you to talk to your colleagues. We’re a national organization and that means we travel across Canada to be accessible to all our members. Got a topic you can speak on either in a webinar or at a f2f event? Contact us.

Host a Plant Tour

There are lots of benefits to hosting a plant tour so check out what members have to say here.