Looking to work with a Canadian kitchen cabinet manufacturer?

You’ve come the right place!

Whether you are a Dealer, Builder, Architect or Store in Canada or the US looking to work with or carry product from a Canadian kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity (or related millwork) manufacturer in Canada, we are happy to help connect you with our members – this service is free!

We believe CKCA members are committed to the industry. Why? Because membership in CKCA is voluntary and that means our members believe in Professionalism – Quality – Innovation.

Companies join CKCA to learn and share so they can  continually improve. We also have a specific list of cabinet manufacturers  who  are CKCA certified member. Please click here for more details.

Please contact us at info@ckca.ca and tell us more about the specific or ongoing projects you have in mind, the specs of what you are looking for and whether the project is a one-time request or if it’s to build an on-going relationship with ongoing projects.

We can connect you to the Canadian industry!