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Supplier - Finishings/Coatings

Manufacturers of Kremlin Rexson, & SAMES brand products offers Automatic and Manual Paint Spray Guns, Rotary Electrostatic Bell Atomizers, Fluid Dispense & Mixing Systems, Turnkey Automotive Robotic Systems, and Turnkey General Industrial Systems.

Our Mission…
 Experts in Finishing and Dispensing Solutions

Our Vision…
 Leader of high value-added custom and standard solutions for controlled applications of fluids and powder on manufactured surfaces

 Commitment in research & development that is focused on creating
a constant flow of innovative products that deliver fast ROI to our
target customers

We are a World Leader in “Making Manufacturers More Competitive” with expertise in Finishing and Dispensing Systems. Our history spans over 75 years of providing optimum solutions using high quality innovative and reliable equipment. We are made up of employees with a “Mission-to-Serve and a Sense-of-Urgency” philosophy.
Our product ranges are among the widest, starting with our Kremlin Rexson Airmix® automatic and manual spray guns, and Flowmax® pumping technology, to SAMES Technologies Electrostatic Rotary Atomizing Bells, to “state of the art” Johnstone and Kremlin Rexson pumping and proportioning systems.
We have a large Systems team that has 30+ years of experience applying every kind of material to any kind of part you need to coat and finish. If it's painted or sealed, EXEL North America has done it before - by hand and/or with a robot or reciprocating system. We supply turn-key manual, automatic, and robotic paint and dispense systems for automotive and general industrial markets. We integrate turn-key paint-shop and body-shop dispensing systems for Sealer, Mastic, and Adhesive applications.

Capabilities of our Systems Group
• Custom Integration using Standard Products
• Complete GUI+PLC Gun to Bell & Robotic Upgrades
• Additional Body Styles Programming
• REUSE+RELOCATE (Existing equipment relocation program)
• Modular Robotic and Non-Robotic System Solutions
• General Industry & Automotive

Location: Ontario


931 Progress Avenue,
Unit 7
Scarborough, ON, M1G 3V5
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