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Premoule Inc.

Premoule Inc.
Supplier - Door Manufacturer

At Prémoulé, we do not simply follow trends and technological developments. We create them!
Prémoulé is the North American industry leader in postformed countertops and custom cabinet doors and accessories.
We operate six plants in eastern Canada, which positions us well to deliver our products throughout North America. In addition, thanks to an impressive network of cutting centers, Prémoulé is present and responds quickly and efficiently to our customer’s needs.
Our markets include cutting centers, kitchen designers, woodworkers, specialized distributors, closet furniture manufacturers, furniture and component manufacturer of all types, designers and architects.
For the past 50 years, Prémoulé has differentiated itself from other manufacturers by its ambitious development strategies and its level of outstanding quality. Having become a benchmark in the industry, Prémoulé increases its product quality while focusing on a personal and simple customer experience.

Location: Quebec


2375 Avenue Dalton Bureau 200

Québec, Quebec
G1P 3S3


Toll-Free: (866) 652-7777
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