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Paco Hardware Inc.

Paco Hardware Inc.
Supplier - Third Choice

Founded in the year 2010, it’s been more than 10
years since we have been changing lifestyle of thousands of people and motivating them to use intelligently crafted, superior quality products. We have reinvented the way you live in your home, cook in the kitchen or work in your office.

We at Paco believe that our customers must never have to choose between reliability and efficiency, and that geographical boundaries must never hinder the availability of superior products, that is why our products are available globally.

We have a full range of hardware solutions including a variety of drawer systems, kitchen organizing products, cabinet fittings, aluminum profiles and other accessories that will change the way you live, we offer you a lifestyle you wish you’d known earlier.

With each passing month we are continuously adding to the latest product lines and upgrading our collection to provide with even more options.

Location: British Columbia, Ontario


2417 Drew Road
Mississauga L5S1A1
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