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McKaskell Haindl Design Build Inc.

McKaskell Haindl Design Build Inc.

Simply put, we make stuff…
here, in London,


Look around: it’s an incredible world where one can buy a cheap ‘custom’ kitchen built a full day’s flight away by people who are paid less in a week than you might spend on a cup of coffee.

That’s great, right?

Look further: we’ve entered a time of global efficiencies and scales where lucrative and seemingly inert professions can now be broken into components and outsourced to low bidders in countries on the other side of the planet because often all that really matters is the data and not the ‘face-time’.

Yet furniture and cabinets are solid, real goods which need to be designed, built, delivered, adjusted and installed by real people.

Location: Ontario


165 Exeter Rd.
London, ON N6L 1A4
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