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Handhills Cabinets

Handhills Cabinets

Handhills Cabinets is a custom cabinet maker located in a Hutterite community in Hanna, Alberta. We are a leading provider of kitchen cabinets that serves homeowners and cabinet stores as well as homebuilders, architects, interior designers, and other contractors/ cabinet shops with quality MDF, High Gloss, Textured, slab doors and parts, throughout the region. When you work with Handhills Cabinets, you can expect the quality workmanship and long-lasting tradition that come only from building things the Hutterite way. Our team of qualified and experienced cabinet makers offers an unmatched level of dedication and skill; we have a strong reputation for quality, not only in the products we offer but also in the level of service we provide.

Location: Alberta


Hanna, Alberta
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