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Hafele Canada Inc

Hafele Canada Inc

The world of hardware provides an ongoing opportunity to make things better. At Häfele, we use our expertise to do just that. Our hardware fittings consistently meet quality standards that apply anywhere in the world. It’s a level of quality that allows products to perform better and contribute more in whatever role they play. And while our industry experience is concentrated on construction and building, our main focus is on people. Through our products and professional services, our expertise shows up in the form of convenience, dependability and thoughtful functionality.
Intense Focus on Service
In addition to our product portfolio, Häfele provides comprehensive support in the form of consultation, procurement and processing. We introduced this support as an innovative customer service concept that includes online ordering, product range catalogs and expert consulting at the local level. Our focus on service assures that customers in all categories can easily access experienced and knowledgeable Häfele associates.

Superior Range of Products
Our products range from decorative hardware, storage solutions and sliding systems, to office organization, LED lighting and RFID electronic locks. Featuring more than 35,000 available products, The Complete Häfele catalogue has been the preferred industry reference tool since 1971. Worldwide, our product range includes more than 220,000 items. Each is designed to address a specific purpose, and to assist our customers in realizing their goals. But our inventory is just the beginning. Through Häfele Engineering we constantly develop new products and improve existing ones, to allow our partners to get their work done faster, better and more efficiently.

Excellent Logistics Services
Once ordered, products must reach their destination as quickly and reliably as possible. That principle has guided our company from the start. Today, more than 150,000 products are available for shipping 24/7. Our digital global network is guided by an advanced logistics center located at our headquarters in Nagold, Germany. This international hub is supported by service offices that are strategically located around the world. Together, these systems ensure the fast and transparent flow of goods to virtually any destination. Regardless of order size or product mix, Häfele offers customers the highest levels of logistical efficiency, flexibility and economy – even for customized solutions through our manufacturing and engineering divisions.

Dynamic Innovator
Häfele is both a manufacturer and a distributor, which gives us extensive reach and versatility. When we sense a demand for something new, we either create it or source it internationally. The drive to always think ahead is part of our corporate DNA. Our history has been shaped by visionary entrepreneurs whose innovative thinking has enriched all areas of our business. In fact, through the years we’ve pioneered many new industry standards, trends and best practices. Resting on our laurels has never been an option. We are always looking for ways to help our customers meet new challenges and capture more opportunities.

German Quality
Häfele customers demand exceptional quality, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. As we select, develop and produce our products, we’re deeply committed to precision, durability, functionality and user-friendliness. True to our heritage, we insist on and rigorously test for uncompromised German quality in all of our products.

International Presence - Local Expertise
We view our marketplace through international eyes, looking beyond borders and focusing on industry needs and trends. This attitude is an important part of our history and growth. The Häfele Group currently serves customers in 150 countries through 37 subsidiaries and additional dealerships around the world. Each office is well prepared to adapt our product offering to local and regional requirements. This is especially beneficial for Häfele customers who do business in multiple countries and on different continents. Regardless of their location, our customers have access to international knowledge and expertise, as well as to personal and professional local service.

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