CME Partnership – CKCA members can access to programs/services

A national association representing all provinces across Canada

CKCA has partnered with CME and participates in the Canadian Manufacturers Coalition. Through the partnership CKCA members can access the member programs and education available through CME. If you wish to actively participate in CME committees and have voting privileges at their AGM, you must be a member.

How to access CME programs

Please contact CKCA for more information if you wish to participate in any CME programs/services.

Why did CKCA partner with CME?

CKCA partners with CME because it gives us access to economic data, manufacturing data and, most importantly, it gives our sector a voice in manufacturing. CME is a large and influential organization that has the ear of Government. Through our participation in the coalition, we can leverage our relationship to put forth our concerns and ideas to address pressing issues that impact our industry within the broader discussions of manufacturing in Canada.

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“CKCA has already attended several Government meetings where issues such as the labour shortage and border issues were discussed. Hearing what other manufacturing sectors are dealing with has been very helpful as CKCA works through a number of strategic issues. We have also met with several members of the CME staff to obtain valuable insights that we passed along to CKCA members. Plugging in to CME has been the right step forward and already proving very worthwhile.”

Sandra Wood, CKCA Executive Director