Advice in EVERY province. This is a great value-add!

Eligible CKCA members are automatically confirmed members of the CFIB and start using their programs and services. You will be given a CFIB member number along with materials that CFIB will send to you directly. When you reach out to the CFIB, let them know you are part of the CKCA/CFIB partnership program.

Who is the CFIB? Click here.

Already a CFIB member?

Great, but when you join CKCA you automatically are added to the CKCA partnership plan with CFIB. If you have paid fees directly to CFIB, depending on when those fees were paid, you may be eligible for a refund. From now on, you don’t need to pay two separate fees! It could save you some money.

What do you get?

  • Full access to all the business tools and resources. Check it out here!
  • All their member savings (and there’s a lot of great ones). Be sure to take a look here. 
  • Add your voice to the many small business owners across Canada. Talk here.
  • CFIB has been working hard for small business, in particular during these trying times with Covid-19.
  • They have a Business Help Line that is your one-stop shop for any business questions you have.

Why did CKCA partner with CFIB?

The CKCA Board of Directors made the decision in the Fall of 2019 after hearing a presentation from CFIB and learning about their unique partnership program. Many of CKCA members were already members of CFIB, it made total sense to partner with them and bring a membership savings plus additional member benefits to CKCA members. We know that many of our members are using CFIB frequently for a wide range of services. The programs are created to assist you. Don’t miss out. Check them out and starting using their services today. It will save you time and money.

Remember, CFIB lobbies on behalf of small business to all levels of Government. They’ve been instrumental in helping small business be heard during Covid-19.

CKCA Past-President, Mike Slobodian, Decor Cabinets, says:

“The strategic partnership between the CKCA and CFIB allows us to bring increased value to our membership by adding CFIB’s entire list of tools, resources, programs and advocacy to the CKCA’s member services. The CFIB also offers help and support in many areas of business development that our members can leverage for future growth. Combining memberships under the CKCA banner and eliminating the CFIB dues for CKCA members just makes sense.”