Do you think you build quality?

CKCA created a Quality Assurance program so that you can get your products tested through a third part ISO certified testing facility.

This is a voluntary certification process that measures the performance of your products. We don’t tell you how to build, but the industry has identified how a product should perform in the home.

It takes about 3 weeks to go through a testing process.

Once tested, your products can proudly carry the CKCA Quality Assurance label.

This is another marketing tool for you to use to promote your products.


  1.  Manufacturing kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Canada.
  2. Must be a member of the CKCA
  3. Apply to go through our testing process.

Create another compelling reason your customers should shop with you.

Set yourself apart from the competition. For more information on the CKCA certification program click here.