CKCA Committees help move our goals and objectives forward. There are 6 standing committees that meet throughout the year depending on the projects they are working on.

Want to have an impact? Join a committee! You must be a Member in Good Standing and your application to a committee must be approved by the Board.

You can help shape the association and the direction we go to help the industry. Contact us at

1. Program & Education Committee

Provides advice to the Board regarding the services, National Forum, Regional and on-line webinars in which the Corporation undertakes or is involved.

Current Members: Pete Fournier (Chair), Wes Love, (Taurus Craco Machinery), Gerald Van Woudenberg (Van Arbour Design), Rob Wigood (Upper Canada Forest Products), Ken Anton (Adora Kitchens), Joerg Brauns (2020), Jim Lawrence (Avondale Kitchens), Cheryl Davidson (Venjakob), Michele Hoy (Clear Build Solutions) Selene Yuen (Selenium Interiors), Giuseppe Castrucci (Laurysen Kitchens), Sandra Wood (CKCA Staff)

2. Communications Committee

Provides advice to the Board regarding communication, marketing and promotional strategies.

Current Members: Sandra Wood (Chair), Amanda Gay (Planit Canada), Varun Gajendran (Lucvaa Kitchens), Amrita Bhogal (Sunrise Kitchens), Evan Smith (Berenson Hardware), Craig Atkinson (Marathon Hardware)

3. Membership & Sponsorship Committee

Provides advice to the Board regarding the enrollment, retention and growth of membership, member surveys, status and awards.

Current Members: TBC (Chair), Peter Lansitie (Hettich), Luke Elias (Muskoka Cabinet Company), Pete Fournier (Triangle Kitchen), Giuseppe Castrucci (Laurysen Kitchens), Gerald Van Woudenberg (Van Arbour Design), Mark Duyns (Marathon Hardware), Sandra Wood (CKCA Staff)

4. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of:

President: Heidi Boudreault (Denca Cabintets), Vice-President: Pete Fournier (Triangle Kitchen), Past-President: Mike Slobodian (Decor Cabinets), Treasurer: James Dewinetz (Pacific Rim Cabinets) and Sandra Wood, (CKCA Staff).

The Executive works to maintain strategic direction for the Association

5. Finance & Audit Committee

Reports to the Board and carries out its duties in accordance with the By-laws and Operating Policies.

Comprised of: James Dewinetz (Chair), Heidi Boudreault (Denca Cabinets), Sandra Wood (CKCA Staff), Wendy Smith (Bookkeeper)

6. Nominations Committee

Comprised of: Mike Slobodian (Chair) (Decor Cabinets), Heidi Boudreault (Denca Cabinets), Pete Fournier (Triangle Kitchen), James Dewinetz (Pacific Rim Cabinets), Sandra Wood (CKCA Staff)

Provides the Board with a proposed slate of directors for election, and qualified individuals to serve as officers and in reviewing any resolution(s) relating to the election of directors and appointment of officers that may be presented to the Members of CKCA for consideration in accordance with the By-laws and Operating Policies.

Ad-hoc Committees:

Advocacy Committee

Provides advice to the Board regarding issues impacting the industry and proposes a strategy and action plan to address those issues.

Comprised of: Earl Ducharme (Chair) (Hafele Canda), Jonathan Glick (The Cutler Group), Alain Ouzilleau (Cabico), Peter Raja (Norelco Cabinets), Amanda Gay (Planit Canada), Carolyn Iyer (Paris Kitchens), Larry Fedoruk (Merit Kitchens), Kevin Bowers (Dynamic Kitchens), Sandra Wood (CKCA Staff)

Certification Committee

Provides advice to the Board related to the updating and ongoing management of the CKCA Certification Process.

Comprised of: Sandra Wood (Chair), Sepp Gmeiner (Lignum Consulting), Ken Anton (Adora Kitchens)