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The Voice of the Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Industry

Professionalism - Quality - Innovation
We want consumers to buy Canadian-built kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and related millwork.
We connect the industry to inspire progress, innovation and continuous improvement.
We strive for high standards of design and manufacturing.

CKCA certified members are industry  leaders who have  earned CKCA Certification that gives their clients the assurance of quality through performance. 

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Continually improve and make better decisions for your business. Join us! Because you’re not alone, connect and learn from your peers.

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More than 30 dedicated industry volunteers working on important issues that impact our industry including skilled labour shortage, adoption of new wood manufacturing technologies, competitiveness and more

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Buy Canadian Built Kitchen Cabinets

Every Canadian home has a kitchen! Purchasing or renovating a home is one of the largest financial investments a person will make in their lifetime. More and more consumers want to know what they are buying and where it comes from. Buying Canadian means you are supporting an industry that has thrived for more than 50 years, but more importantly you are supporting industry in Canada, helping secure jobs for future generations and supporting the Canadian economy. There are so many more reasons to buy Canadian.


CKCA Local MeetUp - BC April 25 2024

CKCA Local MeetUp – BC Details for the next scheduled event are below. Hope you can make it! Thanks to our MeetUp sponsor: Where: Troico –…

What made these companies successful?

CKCA is proud of all its members. Canada has an excellent reputation worldwide for it’s woodworking skills and our history goes back a long way. But…

Kitchen Cabinet Production Worker Training Program - A model of success

The Kitchen Cabinet Production Worker Training Program – you need trained workers and we’re creating a supply stream December 2023 CKCA is thrilled to see a…

We Impact

CKCA was built by the industry to create opportunities to connect and build strong relationships and enduring trust that contributes to your business success. Knowing what others are doing, you can make better decisions for your business.

“As members we are seeing ongoing contact with CKCA, multiple different helpful programs and constant opportunities being offered to us as a member and it’s been absolutely brilliant working with CKCA. I foresee a continuing relationship between our company and the CKCA well into the future.”

Chris Thompson, E-Commerce & Business Development, Lev2 Millwork

Work in the Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Industry

If you think working in a wood shop is dusty and dirty – think again! Welcome to the 21st century wood manufacturing facility. Our industry offers diverse careers that require creative thinking, hands on work, design and technology. Be part of an exciting industry that generates in excess of $1.5 billion gross revenues, employs more than 25,000 Canadians, operates in small towns and large in every province in Canada. There are more than 4,000 independent kitchen cabinet shops across Canada offering a wide range of job opportunities. Canadian manufacturing is on the increase and that means jobs!